Why having SaaS-based software better than desktop-based software 

Why having SaaS-based software better than desktop-based software 

SaaS is a cloud computing service that gives customers access to a vendor’s cloud-based applications. ‘Software as a service (SaaS) offers an exciting alternative to the typical business model of installing software, which requires building a server, installation, and configuration.

The software (SaaS) functions like a rental and is located on a remote cloud network that can be accessed via the web or an API. There’s a major shift in user preference from the old traditional desktop version to easy and efficient SaaS computing. The shift in approach is a result of many factors contributing to adopting to use of SaaS in the everyday routine of corporates and even startups.

Let us focus on some highlights of why SaaS is better than desktop-based software:

  • SaaS programs do not need to be updated or upgraded all the time, because users can presume using the most recent version of the product. Given that users do not have to pass via a remote server to access an application, desktop apps are more susceptible than SaaS apps.
  • If you have got a SaaS app rather than a desktop program, it is simpler to understand how it is being used. To learn more about desktop-based software, one might need to run a poll; for SaaS, one can look at analytics and data to see precisely which pages are being visited.
  • In contrast to SaaS apps, which can be accessed from any device with a browser, desktop programs must be installed on the computer units.
  • Compared to desktop programs, SaaS apps are simpler to prevent piracy. Your data is saved and recorded in a cloud-based system on the other hand in desktop versions all our data is saved on a device that once corrupted cannot be recovered.

Low front-up cost

SaaS generally operates on a subscription basis and has no upfront license payments, which lowers startup costs. When compared to desktop-based software, SaaS’s hardware and software license costs are lower in shared or multi-tenant environments.

SaaS also helps to enable small and medium businesses to use software that they otherwise would not use due to the high cost of licensing, you may quickly scale your customer base.


SaaS providers typically provide a wide range of subscription options and the freedom to change subscriptions as needed.

Easy and accessible

SaaS products are simple to use because standard procedures and sample codes are already incorporated. SaaS is more accessible than traditional corporate software installation since it generally works on a variety of devices and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Common setbacks in desktop software:

  • Desktop software needs to be installed separately on each computer and is only functional on the one where it is installed.
  • The obligation to perform updates and upgrades is placed on the user, which can be tedious and repetitive.
  • To install and maintain the software, you must get in connect with the software vendor requiring additional time and cost.
  • Desktop apps require space on your computer, whereas web applications use cloud storage. It’s possible that an app update won’t fit on your hard disc, and fixing this issue could be inconvenient.

Though there are plenty of factors listed to distinguish and decide between SaaS and desktop-based software and it hugely depends on the user’s preferable platform. However, it is important to note that SaaS is a much later inclusion and is introduced to eliminate all the hurdles faced because of the traditional working software.

By taking into account all the setbacks of desktop software, SaaS overcomes and smoothens the process and user experience. It’s important to analyze and opt for a service that showcases premium services.

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