Why Does My Rabbit Chunk Me? What to Do About It

Does your rabbit stay biting you? Has your rabbit began biting you out of nowhere, and also you don’t know what to do?

Rabbits don’t at all times chunk to purpose hurt. If it’s comfortable biting, that’s a nip, and that’s hardly ever a subject. However in all honesty, a biting rabbit is rarely a just right factor. In spite of everything, rabbit’s aren’t precisely identified for competitive inclinations.

It’s most effective in uncommon and excessive scenarios will you spot a rabbit select violence, and that’s most often to shield themselves. That every one stated, worry isn’t the one reason why your rabbit may well be biting. Stay studying to be told why your rabbit is biting you and what you’ll be able to do to forestall it.

Must I Be Anxious if My Rabbit Bites Me?

If a rabbit turns to biting, there’s a drawback. It’s possible you’ll get the occasional grasp to get your consideration, however that’s no longer technically biting. It’s in a unique class.

Usually, actual biting is a last-resort protection mechanism. On the earth of rabbits, any preventing is most often between different rabbits for breeding or territorial causes. For instance, men biting each and every different to show dominance to more youthful, smaller men.

Space rabbits might also lash out as an indication of tension or ache. Rabbits might also chunk by chance, as they select your hand as much as transfer it out of the best way, so as to get consideration, and even identify dominance.

My Rabbit Assists in keeping Biting Me. Does He Hate Me?

First issues first, your rabbit maximum for sure doesn’t hate you. However sadly, an competitive chunk is a great way to inform that he’s no longer your largest fan. Once more, this isn’t as a result of he hates you. Alternatively, it should imply that he’s fearful of you.

Usually, biting is the top of the road for a rabbit’s protection ways. And, in case your rabbit is biting you to harm you, that suggests you’ve most probably not noted a protracted checklist of warnings previously, whether or not you’ve learned it or no longer.

Listed below are some pre-biting warnings that you simply must be looking for so this doesn’t stay taking place:

  • Kicking
  • Grunting
  • Putting With Paws

In case your rabbit doesn’t display any form of worry against you, or that is a brand spanking new behaviour, biting may just additionally symbolize sexual adulthood or territorialism. And in some circumstances, generally is a signal of maximum tension, ache, or sickness.

Forms of Biting Habits

Earlier than we get into why a rabbit might chunk, let’s transparent up some confusion about biting as opposed to nipping as a result of that difference will explain numerous why your rabbit is biting you.

After I recall to mind rabbit bites, I at all times categorize them into two ranges:

  • Instinctual: Brought on by way of worry, which runs top in rabbits. This sort of biting is most current in younger men seeking to dominate others and in pregnant and nursing feminine rabbits. Instinctual biting could also be an try to lash out as a result of ache or tension.
  • Non-Competitive: Now, I don’t individually rely this as precise biting as it’s no longer fueled by way of worry or aggression. If truth be told, it’s slightly a nip, sufficient to startle you, however it doesn’t in truth harm. That is most often unintended, whilst grooming you again all over a brushing consultation or to get your consideration.

Why Does Your Rabbit Chunk You?

Now that we’ve established biting as opposed to nipping, we will be able to discuss what it manner when your rabbit bites you. When a rabbit bites you, it’s most probably as a result of this type of six causes:


As I’ve been announcing from the start, one of the most primary causes that your rabbit is biting you is worry. Biting is their last-ditch effort to fend off a majestic risk, aka you. You and I do know you’re no longer a risk, however your rabbit would possibly not.

In case you’ve followed a brand new rabbit, this might be as a result of the alternate in surroundings, or in some unlucky circumstances, it might be an indication of previous abuse. Both manner, an important factor you wish to have to do is make your rabbit really feel more secure with you and shape a bond.

Territorial / Meals Aggression

Imagine it or no longer, rabbits can expand meals aggression. It will stem from previous forget or just from being the runt of the clutter. However both manner, it’s no longer just right. You don’t need your rabbits preventing over the meals bowl, risking damage. And also you for sure don’t need him to actually “chunk the hand that feeds”.

On this case, your rabbit wishes to be told that there’s quite a lot of meals and this habits merely received’t be tolerated. For this, you must make it some extent to sit down beside your rabbit whilst he eats. And when he’s happy with that, get started purposefully sticking your palms close to the meals bowl. Do it on a daily basis till your rabbit’s habits improves.

Raging Hormones

Younger men are the standard culprits in relation to biting. Why? As a result of they have got raging hormones. The testosterone flowing within a male rabbit makes aggression that a lot more most probably. Men will combat different men for dominance, or breeding rights if a feminine is round.

This can be a dangerous scenario that can lead to damage for your rabbits and your self when you get slightly seeking to smash it up. Believe me, I had to be told that one the exhausting manner. Neutering your rabbits must repair this factor.

Being pregnant Hormones / Maternal Protecting Intuition

Feminine rabbits can change into competitive and territorial after they change into pregnant. They are going to get started or proceed this habits after having kits as smartly. Don’t take it individually. She’s simply protective her young children. But when it turns into an issue, do the whole lot you’ll be able to to make your rabbit see you as a chum, no longer a risk.

With my first rabbit, Butterscotch, I made it some extent to provide treats ahead of achieving in to do what I wanted. I additionally made it some extent to transport her from my lounge to my bed room, the place she may just change into extra used to having me round all the time. No longer most effective did the biting prevent, however funnily sufficient, she were given so used to me that she would go away the room for hours (which is completely commonplace), completely trusting me along with her kits.

Ache / Sickness

In uncommon and excessive circumstances, your rabbit might chunk you as some way of lashing out as a result of he’s in ache. In all probability, you’ve touched him the place he’s in ache. For instance, in case your rabbit’s having abdomen problems and also you take a look at to select him up, he might chunk you to make you relieve the force on his abdomen.

On this case, the most efficient factor to do is to see a rabbit-savvy vet. Even supposing there isn’t an issue, you’ve a minimum of crossed this off the checklist of conceivable causes your rabbit is biting you.

Excessive Tension

Now, once I say excessive tension, I don’t imply the kind of tension caused by worry. Rabbits are simply scared and stressed. One thing as simple as a transfer to another area might purpose a habits alternate.

In case your rabbit is new to your own home otherwise you’ve simply moved, you should definitely’re taking the right kind steps to let your rabbit settle into his new surroundings with out tension.

Biting behavior

Why Does My Rabbit Chunk Me Softly?

Once more, there’s a distinction between nipping or comfortable biting and actual blood-drawing, pores and skin–breaking biting. And in case your rabbit’s biting you softly, the solution is understated. He needs your consideration. Attempt to carve out some extra play time for you and your rabbit. Or, give him one thing secure to bite on, equivalent to a DIY toy or apple tree department.

Why Does My Rabbit Chunk Me however No One Else?

So, your rabbit has a penchant for biting you, however nobody else will get subjected to this torture? Yeah, that sounds beautiful unfair, however there are a few causes, a few of which you’ll be able to’t alternate in step with se, however you’ll be able to sort things.

In case you’re a lady and experiencing your “time of the month” and are unexpectedly being bit by way of your rabbit, you’ll be able to chalk that as much as having an excessive amount of estrogen within the room. Certainly, hormonal spikes could cause adjustments to your puppy’s habits.

However typically, that is most definitely as a result of your rabbit doesn’t see you as secure as the opposite folks it encounters. So, the most efficient factor to do this is to reinforce the bond along with your rabbit.

How Do I Get My Rabbit to Forestall Biting Me?

You want to type out the supply of the issue first. If it’s territorial or fear-biting, which is most often the case, you wish to have to make your self much less of a risk. Check out letting your rabbit come to you rather than drawing near him. Take a seat at the floor, get down for your rabbit’s stage.

Treats are at all times the number 1 approach to a rabbit’s center.

If he’s to get your consideration or attempt to identify dominance, you wish to have to begin considering and performing like a rabbit. Talk his language. When he nips you, squeal in reality loud. That’s what any other rabbit would do, so you wish to have to do the similar. That manner, he’ll know to not do it once more as a result of he is aware of what that suggests, and if he wasn’t seeking to harm you, it must prevent.

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