Top 500 Pet Names For Male And Female Dogs in 2022-2023 

Doesn’t matter if you’re getting a pet for the very first time or it’s the fourth one in line. Giving your pet a name is exciting as well as emotional. It’s literally a once-in-a-lifetime event. Your dog or cat will be called by the name you decide for them for eternity. They’ll be your special ones known by it forever. Sometimes a name just comes to your head. Or you have pre-decided it, if not then there’s some time goes. People ask around and think too and still, they’re unable to get one name.  
We’ve here collated a list of names for male and female dogs that will help you to find a name for your special one.  

About Pet Name 

All of us require identification, a name gives identity to a being. In the same manner to own a sense of belonging we name our pets also. It helps to call them a part of our family. Giving your pet a name pet as early can be preferable. It helps them to adapt & accept their name quickly. The habits pets learn since they are babies are easy to follow and quick to learn. It takes a couple of days to understand but with a continuous approach, your pet understands that they are being called by a particular name.  

Why Naming Your Pet is Crucial? 

Suppose your dog is sitting in front of you and you command him to go and fetch the ball. The command will include, “NAME, go and fetch it”. Now in this sentence, the dog looked at you and understood from your body language and eye direction what you command. However, if your dog is not around you and you have to command him. The dog will only be able to listen to your voice.  

Now in this scenario, the NAME OF THE PET plays an important role. How? If your pet knows their name, they will know that you are commanding them and whatever the words are there after the name are meant to be for him. If your pet doesn’t know its name it won’t understand simple commands made to them.  

Addressing Pet Name in The Right Manner 

John’s Story of Naming His Pet Dog

John is a new pet owner and with tons of excitement, he bought his dream dog home. From getting a little pet bed to naming his pet, Toby. With each day passing he spends most of the time playing with Toby. As a pet parent, John wants to make sure that Toby learns not to adopt wrong habits from time to time snaps whenever Toby does something wrong with a clear NO!  

Now John is happy because whenever Toby does something wrong he says No and the pet stops. This happens quite often and John is assured somewhere that the pet has learned. After a few weeks, John feels it challenging to control or command the dog because the dog doesn’t listen to him. To solve this issue John connects to one of his dear friends Lara. Lara is a pet lover and she has 4 dogs and 2 cats. She has a lot of experience over the years of being a pet parent. When John discussed his struggle with Lara and explained everything she carefully listened and told John something very amusing. 

How Sara Helps The John

She said, “The correct manner to address your dog is first to take their name followed up by the command”. What John does most of the time is simply command Toby with a no whenever he wants his pet to stop. And the pet actually stops! The thing to catch here is that the pet responds to the command but whenever he hears a no – he thinks it’s his name.  

No is uttered as the initial words turn Toby’s attention and as soon as he hears a no he thinks someone is being said to him. And that is why he doesn’t follow up with other commands with his name.  

Name Helps You to Connect With Pet

The best way to connect with the pet is by first taking its name and then the command. For eg, “Toby, no leave the sock!” or “Toby, come and sit down”. The first name is repetitively used to help the dog to learn his name and catches his attention at the first go.  

Things to Remember While Naming Your Pet 

Things to Remember While Naming Your Pet

Every pet has its own identity and the name is preferable to go with your pet’s personality. If your pet is a toy breed and little in size, the recommended name must be cute and snuggly like Bunny, Duckie, Goose, or Bucky. It’ll be quite weird and off track if your pet is cute and small and their name ends up being like Brutus, Spartacus, Spike, or Baroness. 
Also, there’s a difference between male pets and female pets. The name reflects the overall personality. Imagine you’re calling Lilly and a big Cane Corso runs at you. Now boy, that it came out as expected. So remember name actually plays an important role. 
Hope we’re able to help you to understand the importance of naming your pet. And the benefits as well the right approach. Now let’s find out some interesting pet names trending in 2022-2023.  

Common Names For Male And Female Dogs  

Common Names For Male And Female Dogs  
Ace Heidi
Apollo Macy
Archie Phoenix
Bailey Sydney
Bruno Cinnamon
Buster Holly
Diesel Maddie
Gus Piper
Hank Tessa
Henry Cleo
Jake Honey
Kobe Maggie
Loki Pippa
Lucky Tilly
Moose Clover
Murphy Hope
Otis Maisie
Scout Pixie
Simba Trixie
Thor Coco
Axis Indie
Boss Maisy
Champion Polly
Chance Violet
Comet Abby
Crest Delilah
Davey Jojo
Finn Milly
Ford Riley 
Forest Addie
Garrett Diamond
Grayson Josie
Gunner Mimi
Haze Ripley 
Jungle Alice
Kai Dixie
King Joy
Magnum Minnie
Maverick River 
Mist Allie
Neon Dolly
Oso June
Reed Missy
River Roo 
Rook Amber
Royal Dottie
Rue Juniper
Sir Misty
Stone Rory 
Twister Angel
Willow Duchess
Winston Juno
Wishbone Mocha
Woody Rose 
Xavier Annabelle
Yogi Echo
Zeke Kaia
Zoom Mochi

Famous Indian Names For Male and Female Dogs 

Famous Indian Names For Male and Female Dogs 
Male Dog Names Female Dog Names
Floppy Daisy
Simba Maggie
Buzu Piper
Mario Harley
Harry Remi
Ballu Lucy
Softy Penny
Bimmer Millie
Tommy Ginger
Karma Maya
Chitti Lily
Browny Nala
Molly Gracie
Rocco Olive
Shadow Layla
Sartaj Zoe
Cookie Rosie
Alex Mia
Prince Abby
Toffee Lady
Muddu Lola
Champ Roxy
Rocky Pepper
Richie Charlie
Kaiser Kona
Boondi Sadie
Jyoti Ruby
Balram Nova
Johnny Kloe

Cute Names For Male And Female Dogs 

Cute Names For Male And Female Dogs 
Male Dog Names Female Dog Names
Bam Bam Kola
Bark Twain Margie
Bark Wahlberg Marlo
Barkley Mimosa
Blinky Nakita
Bow Wow Nutella
Bunker Quinta
Canine West Raine
Chewbacca Ray
Chewie Rori
Chomper Rye
Cool Breeze Sakari
Gomer Shady
Indiana Bones Shandy
Jimmy Chew Shenzi
Jimmy Kibble Tucker
LeBark James Twilight
Munchie Wiggles
Pooch Zayda
Pup Squeak Honey
Pup Tart Sasha
Puppy Bailey
Razer Chloe
Ruff-Ruff Callie
Savage Lexi
Sir-Licks-a-Lot Poppy
Squirt Stella
Stinker Sophie
Subwoofer Winnie
Wakanda Athena
Whine Dixie
Winnie the Pooch Aurora
Woof Blitzer Ember
Woofgang Puck Khaleesi
Woolly Mya

Big Dog Names For Both Male And Female 

Big Dog Names For Both Male And Female 
Evander Francis
Everett Frank
Ezra Frankie
Fabio Franklin
Fang Ricky
Farley Rider
Felix Riley
Felton Ringo
Fenton Ripley
Fido Robert
Finley Rocco
Fonzi Rockwell
Forrest Rocky
Foster Freddy
Frederick Ghost
Freeman Gilbert
Fritz Finn
Gage Fisher
George Flash
Gerald Fletcher
Goose Floyd
Gordy Gizmo
Grady Gus
Graham Hamilton
Griffin Hank
Grover Harley
Gunner Harold
Hector Hawkeye
Henry Hayes
Harrison Heath
Harry Harvey
Hart Herbert
Herman Hogan

Gender Neutral Dog Names 

Ricky Andy
Rider Angus
Ripley Apollo
Alistar Robert
Alvin Ringo
Amos Rocco
Riley Rockwell
Andre Rocky

Funny Names For Female Dogs 

Nala Eva
Sally Kimber
Ava Nina
Emmy Sammy
Kiki Bailey
Nellie Evie
Sammie Kira
Baby Nola
Kiwi Sandy
Nora Bambi
Sasha Faith

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