The Highest Cage for Rabbits? You May not In finding It in a Puppy Retailer!

Let’s get fascinated with rabbit cages. Those they provide on the puppy retailer? They’re in truth too small to your rabbits. 

Rabbits want room to run and bounce round. And that’s now not even together with their workout necessities. They is also small, however they want numerous area. 

On this article, you’ll be told what sort of enclosures are appropriate for rabbits. Let’s get into it!

Do Rabbits Desire a Cage?

In case your rabbits are unfastened to roam, then you definitely don’t in point of fact desire a cage for them, except your rabbits are like mine and prefer their cage. In most cases, all you want is their enclosure or only a major station for them. 

That mentioned, it does assist to begin out the usage of the cage. For those who to find that your rabbit isn’t moving into there, simply take away it. 

Will have to You Let Rabbits Be Loose Roam?

It’s significantly better to your rabbit to be unfastened to roam. Whilst it’s a commonplace follow for rabbits to be cooped up in a small cage, it’s now not just right for them. Rabbits want room to transport round and workout.

After all, it’s now not at all times imaginable to free-roam your rabbits, but it surely’s a very powerful that they a minimum of have time in an afternoon to run round the home/room or have get admission to to a large workout enclosure.

How Giant Will have to an Indoor Rabbit’s Cage Be?

The “proper dimension” for a rabbit cage depends upon your rabbit’s dimension (or how large it’ll develop) and what number of rabbits you may have.

Your rabbit’s cage must be lengthy sufficient for 3-4 hops which comes all the way down to round 4.5 ft for small breeds and six ft for enormous/large breeds. It must even be extensive sufficient to your rabbit to stretch out in, with room to spare for a muddle field, hay feeder, and your rabbit’s dishes.

For a precise evaluate of ways a lot area your rabbit wishes, talk over with this information.

How a lot time does your rabbit spend in a cage?

In case your rabbit spends numerous time of their cage with only some hours of unfastened roaming an afternoon, then they must have a spacious cage. However, in case your bunny has unfastened get admission to to the home 24/7 and the cage is handiest used as the primary station, then it doesn’t must be very massive – so long as it could possibly have compatibility all of the prerequisites similar to hay, bowls, muddle field, and a mattress.

Highest Indoor Cages for Rabbits

The rabbit cages you generally see in puppy retail outlets are under no circumstances the most efficient cages for rabbits. Listed here are a way higher suggestions. 

Higher possible choices to small puppy retailer cages

Playpen (My Private Advice)

My private advice is to make use of a puppy playpen. It has enough room to your rabbit to hop and run round, the areas between the bars aren’t sufficiently big for break out makes an attempt, they usually’re smooth to transport round and reshape.

Playpens additionally have a tendency to be a lot inexpensive than puppy retailer cages whilst offering considerably more room.

Listed here are some suggestions:

Plus, you’ll convey it out of doors so your rabbit can get some recent air and grass. Simply quilt the highest to forestall any predators from swooping in and supply colour.

Huge Canine Crate

Additional massive canine crates made for large canine breeds (54 inches lengthy) have enough room for a regular-sized rabbit. On the other hand, you’ll wish to search for one with out massive gaping separations between every bar. It’s a lot more uncomplicated for rabbits (even better ones) to flee than you’d assume. 

You’ll be able to additionally wrap hen cord across the backside, however that’s a much less aesthetically pleasant choice. However what I in point of fact like about canine crates is they most commonly include trays which make nice bottoms which can be tremendous smooth to wash.

Canine crates are a just right choice if you want a lined cage even supposing they are able to be rather dear.

DIY Enclosures With Snap-On Grids

With C&C grids, you’ll customise how your rabbit cage seems and the way large it’s. It is a nice affordable means to verify your rabbits have enough space. 

You’ll be able to construct it to fit the gap you may have. For example, if in case you have a clumsy L-shaped house the place any other enclosure wouldn’t have compatibility, you’ll construct a cage with grids to suit that area.

DIY Multi-Degree Apartment

If you wish to give your rabbits enough space, however you don’t have numerous area, construct upwards. This provides your rabbits the gap they want, with out taking on an excessive amount of flooring area. 

Construct a rabbit condominium with more than one ranges the usage of grids and even picket. Use tiles at the backside of every degree and easy-to-climb ramps.

What to Use as a Cage Ground

Now, many of the sorts of indoor cages for rabbits that I’ve really helpful right here don’t include flooring. So, you’ll want to give protection to your flooring. Listed here are some choices:

  • vinyl floor that is available in rolls reduce to dimension
  • splat mats
  • whelping mats
  • rolled linoleum floor
  • laminate floor tiles
  • floor coverage sheets
  • massive plastic canine kennel trays

What Forms of Cages to Steer clear of

Rabbit cages to avoid

Now, don’t be fooled by means of all of the rabbit cages you spot in puppy retail outlets. Lots of them are in reality horrible dwelling areas for rabbits. They don’t have just about enough space! Right here’s what to steer clear of on the subject of indoor rabbit cages. 

Puppy Retailer Cages 

Puppy retailer cages are ceaselessly a lot too small, even for small rabbits. There’s no room to hop round or transfer. The one example that this is able to be appropriate is that if used as the primary station for a free-roam rabbit. 

Aquariums / Fish Tanks

Aquariums, even gigantic tanks aren’t any just right for rabbits. That is regularly the place puppy retail outlets use to stay the rabbits. However right here’s the article. Aquariums don’t have any air move, which inhibits your bunny’s respiring. 

Cord-Backside Cages

Whilst it’s going to appear cleaner, it’s now not just right to your rabbit. The cord bottoms harm their ft and pose an enormous chance of having a toenail snagged. 


Rabbit hutches is also the prettiest choice, however undoubtedly now not the most efficient. Now not handiest are they most commonly now not sufficiently big to your rabbits, however they’re tough to wash because the picket soaks up the pee. 

Advantages of Loose Roaming As an alternative of Dwelling in a Cage

There are a plethora of advantages to free-roaming your rabbits. I don’t assume I wish to inform you that having room to run round will at all times be higher than being cooped up in a small cage. 

Makes a Happier Rabbit

Rabbits that experience all of the room to run round are usually happier than ones caught in a cage. Identical to people, rabbits want workout and motion to free up endorphins like dopamine. Another way, your rabbits may change into depressed

Prevents Joint, Muscle, and Bone Problems

Excluding your psychological well being, steady workout is helping rabbits to stick cell for longer. Rabbits saved in cages for his or her lives are a lot more more likely to broaden mobility problems and joint ache. Staying lively prevents those problems from taking place.  

Preserving Your Rabbit Are compatible 

Clearly, now not being lively drives the danger of weight problems up to your rabbit. You need to transfer as a way to keep have compatibility. Rabbits that don’t have anyplace to workout will soak up consuming to forestall boredom, which, in flip, will make them achieve weight. 

Learn how to Loose Roam Your Rabbits

Free roaming rabbits

Loose roaming your rabbit can also be difficult, for the reason that each rabbit is other. Some rabbits get the memo instantly. Others will take weeks to regulate. An important factor is to lead them to really feel secure and relaxed out within the open, particularly in the event that they’re now not used to being out of doors of a cage.

After that, you handiest wish to concern about 3 issues: 

Another way, you WILL be dwelling in squalor.

Making a Primary Station

Your rabbit’s major station doesn’t must be a cage. It may be a nook in the primary room of your home. Move with no matter your rabbits are pleased with. 

I nonetheless use my rabbit’s cage as his major station. I did take a look at to take away it, however I believe he likes the protection of it when he’s dozing and consuming. However, my older rabbit didn’t desire a cage in any respect. 

In the primary station you’ll want:

  • a mattress,
  • meals and water dishes,
  • a muddle field,
  • a hay feeder.

Muddle Coaching Your Rabbits

In most cases, muddle coaching rabbits is reasonably smooth. Rabbits are inherently blank animals. Particularly, in the event you get started them younger, they’ll take to it a lot faster. Older rabbits would possibly take a bit of extra time. 

Get started by means of striking the muddle field the place your rabbits are already doing their industry. To trap them additional, scoop a few of their poops or dirty bedding into the muddle field. The odor will sign for your rabbits that that is the place to move. 

You’ll be able to additionally trap them to make use of the muddle field by means of striking a hay feeder beside the field so they are able to graze. On the other hand, in my revel in, it will additionally make your rabbits by no means need to depart their muddle field!

Ultimate Ideas

As you’ll see, the most efficient cages for rabbits aren’t cages in any respect! Other fencing similar to puppy playpens, C&C garage grids, and canine crates all make a significantly better house to your bunny than the small rabbit cages offered in puppy retail outlets.

As an alternative of maintaining rabbits confined in small cages maximum in their existence, they must have plentiful room to transport, run round and burn up their power. Rabbits are extraordinarily lively animals that don’t belong in small cages.

Preferably, a rabbit would be capable of free-roam across the bunny-proofed house as a rule. If free-roaming isn’t an choice for you, then a big playpen with day by day supervised workout time out of doors in their enclosure may be a just right resolution.

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