The Account of the Dogface Demon (Revised and Reedited 7-2008)

It has been stated, and documented, to my comprehending, but I did not know at the time, there is a demon known as The Puppy Demon, after noticed in the ancient land of Mesopotamia. Very well, my dear good friends, (whoever could be reading this) he is properly and alive below on world earth. Issue-of-fact, I can pin down the time, and whereabouts of this beast, freak, or creature of mother nature (meaning he is pretty different than us at this pretty writing). Perhaps he is a creature scorned by the Universe but I have fulfilled him, I indicate, witnessed him.

I noticed him in as an apparition in a eyesight in l984, essentially it was more than a eyesight, and I shall get into that in a second. He experienced the body of a human, and the confront of a gruesome looking dog (as often demonic beings finish up getting, simply just simply because they should inhabit a bodily overall body to operate in, and usually finish up with grisly seems to be due to the fact of delivery problems in their heritage, which date back again to a pre Adamic time period (a time ahead of the period of time of Adam and Eve, biblically, sudeocripitical speaking). He, as I call him, the Dogface demon, or simple Dogface, he could stroll upright, erect, with that inhomogeneous appear, a bulldog overall look, tiny droopy eyes, beady they were, a long fats tongue that seemed to come across its way out of its mouth instantly without his even slightest intentions for getting it slurp and slap and dribble all more than his lips and mouth. His nose was like a pig’s snout, a upper body a tinge furry, alongside with his upper arms, or shoulders I drew a picture of him in 9-2003, about a calendar year after I had observed him.

Now for, ‘Where did I see him?’ Really don’t be stunned, he was huddled up in our Nation’s Cash with a amount of other demons. Oh of course, this is so. They all were being listening, ready, observing: for what?
A excellent query, your guess is as very good as mine, perhaps greater than mine. They all appeared to be, give the impression that is, to be in a closet of sorts, hiding, listening as if they came out they could be recognized, witnessed by other people, what other individuals, is outside of me. I advised myself ‘why are they hiding, they are virtually invisible’ aside from them who have 2nd sight, no just one else can see them.

A person of the smaller variety of demons in the closet seemed to have a trunk hooked up to his facial area, the Elephant demon I referred to as him at the time (in yrs however to come I’d locate out there was this sort of a creature in history, and see a statue of him in Java, Indonesia, 1999) I thought at the time (1984), possibly our Nationwide Capitol was infested with these freaks of pre historic mother nature, and I repeat myself, no just one else could see them that I was informed of, and they were not certain I could see them, thus, a few unique worlds resided in just one, or spheres. I presume they could not see me in their world, in the closet still I was there, no a person reported a word, but I might found, they usually can sense a existence however spend minimal focus to it, potentially they had been knowledgeable there have been many others in the developing that may place them, in their earth, should they expose themselves freely, or else why hide? So I requested, and instructed myself, talked to myself in essence all through this time, and in the system told myself to leave perfectly sufficient on your own, and just notice, that was, or ought to be my aim. And so that is what I did.

But suitable right after that ghostly expertise-I suppose you may possibly be indicating, a hallucination-(no matter what, still I do not choose medications) I experienced one more eyesight (actually the past one particular was not a eyesight, with the Dogface, but rather a taking place) it once again took spot at the Nation’s Capitol (1984), great flame were burning in again of it, and paratroopers have been landing on the monumental web pages, all close to (of class now, as I rewrite this, historical past has indicated in by 9/11, these so termed visions and happenings ended up-if anything at all-were being warnings, if not prophecy in the creating, which once more is the a thing as warnings.

In addition to that mental photo, or visualization, I identified it was linked to an additional, involving, the president’s aircraft circling in the air. It was all documented prolonged back, no want to recertify it above yet again, and place into a reserve following the simple fact, in 2002, and given to a few clergy during the draft phases of the creating it, the e book termed: “The Very last Trumpet, and the Woodbridge Demon,” now it is termed 9/11, and element of our historic earlier, so it was as it was a eyesight or occurring and part of 9/11 be that as it may possibly, and it all was aspect of that encounter I was telling you about, that getting, the Dogface Demon in the closet, with that elephant on the lookout demonic getting, and a few others, all cramped in that house carrying out what ever they have been executing.

Wondering about it now, and assuming my assumptions are ideal, perhaps these forces from the imperceptible planet, could see by partitions, despite the fact that there was no will need for that I suppose they could listen to, and I suppose yet again, translate whichever language they had been listening to, and I believe it was English, and so the walls were being only limitations for the dwelling. Some periods demonic forces, their configurations can be observed by the bare eye, and if one particular essential to be cautious (perhaps without having explanation, but cautious all the same) hiding would be the matter to do.

Babylonians believed rabid-pet dogs wherever demons of types, and sent by god to punish guy. Also, ASSYRIAN carvings have been uncovered with these puppies, viewed as apostrophic figures. In 1984, I didn’t know a great deal of God, or demons or historic demigods, or these factors, but it did existing a obstacle to study about them after these so named visions, and happenings.

In this happening there have been a few, pertaining to this prevalence, the demons were being just clustered up in a limited room, as if gathering details: individual, and with smirks, and listening, oh certainly, listening as if they were on a mission: or a conspiracy to be. It seemed to me at the time, they had been all portion of a coming conspiracy that now took put: why else would they be exactly where they were being at the time they had been, and this occurring was-certainly was, this pre-empt strike, was prepared even ahead of Ben Laden, knew he was likely to do what he did, the demonic forces only desired the deal with, try to remember I reported, demonic forces have to do the job by means of the actual physical, and they discovered a keen overall body, one capable of financing the challenge, and a person inclined to perform the demonic sport, not pretty recognizing who was pulling the strings. I suppose Bin Laden thought he was, he thinks it is his theme when in essence he is simply heading by means of the motions for someone else, a ton even larger than his ego, only the dynamics belong to him, not the plot or concept.

Anyhow, I requested myself, ‘why else?’ and then you get talking to on your own, so you you should not wait for the response, you know it. Even though I am sure with the multitude of these hybrid spirits stationed in Washington D.C., would be a classical position to be. Possibly even the Planet Trade Centres now popping up throughout the earth: by and by, Washington’s tragedy may possibly have been component of this conspiracy for me it is not inconceivable. Yes, sure, it has been many decades now considering the fact that that took spot, but so very long in the past just one can not bear in mind that it took some arranging, and in that these items are prepared from each sides of the fence, equally worlds are usually concerned, could be included, most probably were being included, in this circumstance.

Solomon, made use of Demonic beings to develop his temple, so it has been penned. He had electricity about them, so it has been prepared, that his electrical power around these deadly spirits ended up so effective, he could forged them into oblivion ought to he care to, or should really they dare to defy him, they ended up scared of him, an rightfully so. And how did they make the temples? They need to have employed some sort of actual physical texture, referred to as flesh to run in, and he could see them. Just to point out a fact, they are in this article and alive on earth.

But it’s possible Mr. Bin Laden took a long time to place it with each other, like the demonic beings took a extensive time to put him with each other, like to like, they say. It is not unusually to operate with both equally sides of the planet. Do we not pray when we are unwell and who to, not the demon, but some do. Not certain, if this is interrelated, but it can confirm to be practical in cluing alongside one another we are currently being watched. And I have viewed shrines in Asia, and Indonesia, all about the world, depicting demonic carvings, and figurines: in Haiti and Jamaica, and Cuba, all in excess of the globe. And I saw them in the Washington. If I was from the dim aspect, if I had a legion of demon assigned to me, by Lucifer, or the General Henchman of Hell, I would assign them to Washington D.C., the heartbeat of the environment, and a handful of to Moscow, and Beijing, it would be only prudent.

Together with the Dogface Demon, I observed the Elephant Facial area Demon as I have before pointed out: do not chortle, it is very most likely, and it is extra than achievable, it was, I am not seeking to persuade you one particular way or the other, just laying down an account. You can explain to anyone just about anything you want, but if you want a truthful respond to, you can get it. Just as you can see one thing, and you may perhaps be the only a person who sees it in your era, or neighbourhood, but let’s say there are indicators all-around the planet that what you noticed, individuals hundreds of years in the past observed, produced statues to, documented, are they and together with me, all mad If you reported sure, they you are between a modern society that believes in the outrageous-if Christ believed in the demons, who am I to go towards a guy who can wander on h2o, I can’t, except if it can be ice.

In Malta, I requested an operator of a bookstore if he considered in giants, considering the fact that legend suggests, they designed most of the temples around there. And he explained no. In the back of the bookstore, alone, I requested him once again, and to solution me truthfully, and he mentioned, “Of study course we do, there is way too considerably evidence to the opposite, and if you lived below, not just staying a tourist, but seriously lived in this article and investigated the spot, you’d imagine it also.” He is appropriate I located a giant’s foot print in stone, though browsing the Bernardo Island in South The us.

But back again to the demon likewise, if you’ve noticed them, no one can inform you otherwise. They can give you all the psychology checks in the planet and explain to you that you’re crazy, and maintain on you until you agree with them, but fact is simple fact. If you were to go to Java, or for that make a difference, Cambodia, you would see the Elephant God in stone, in sculpture sort all more than the put. I termed the 1 I witnessed the Elephant-Demon extensive right before I witnessed this kind of carvings. I saw this quite 1 within the cluster, in the closet in Washington D.C.

‘Hog wash,’ you say, but most most likely you think in a God but you have not viewed him, most folks feel in anything on that get, except if they obtained a head complete of the satan that claims it’s all hogwash. If I was the devil, I try out to have you believe in nothing, not even me. Or if you believed in me, I might try out to have you obsessed with me, so you’d not have any time to look in again of yourself. Possibly one will perform.

Atheists will adore this paragraph, I have no scrap with any area, even atheists, permit us all go our individual way, this is just about me witnessing a condition, it just took place to be in a unique dimension than what you and I are applied to, when I saw it and what I believe I know took place and by whom, 9/11 arrived about afterwards: no more no considerably less.

I now do firmly think in an invisible God, as significantly as in a materializing invisible environment, a shape shifting earth of demon. If you have been me, you’d way too imagine. We are not speaking about falling off the deal with of the earth right here, and fact is fairly various when explored, if one dares to check out outside of the usual. Demons, ghosts, fallen angels [or angelic renegades], giants, the King of Agharti [king of the subterranean world, to come above earth prior to the Golden Age], all of the about, have all performed a element in the invisible planet we reside in the hidden environment we are living aspect-by-side with, and if explored so would you find out this to be a real truth.

As indicated in this account, about, one particular I have not talked about in advance of is bin Laden, outlined just before entirely that is: with a minor substance. The reason remaining, I just witnessed him in a eyesight prior to I wrote this originally in 2002, now it is 9/2005, and I have taken this out of the mothball CD region, to update and revise. Now yet again in 7/2008, I am revising it. He, Bin Laden, was sitting in a chair designed of valuable tick wood I would guess: to the ideal of my knowledge. And behind him have been stunning carvings, as if he was in some grand church, or mosque or Hindu shrine. Additional toward the Hindu shrine location it would seem to be: I can get in problems when I pinpoint things I should really not pinpoint, but if it was not as I said, it experienced the figurines of a related character to it (could be Pakistan or a position in which the two Hindu and Muslim live). He was on your own. From what I collected from his remaining facet, either they were being drawings or genuine properties, but it appeared like layered temples, like I’ve seen in Japan, or Bali, or India. Also the wood carvings seemed Hindu: again I say that. I imagined of Kashmir at the time. But I have never been there. It seemed to in shape somehow. The eyesight took location at 1:45 PM, 1-1-02.

I am not the a person to say if he will or will not be captured, I hope he is, but only that he might have the dark facet on his aspect, and that side is supporting him, and will carry on to enable him, right until he is worthless to them, we are living in a complicated atmosphere, believe that me but there are windows.

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