Techniques to Peaceful a Squeaky Hamster Wheel

Methods to peaceful a squeaky hamster wheel.

About a month back, I realised that just one of my silent spinner hamster wheels was not as silent as before. Squeaking appears arrived from the wheel as my roborovski hamster was jogging on the wheel. I was puzzled due to the fact I put in a couple more bucks shopping for a silent spinner but it finished up making additional sounds than the regular types. I Googled the feasible good reasons and methods as to why my silent spinner was producing these loud squeaky noises and arrived to realise the problems I have created and how it can be settled.

Strategies to tranquil a squeaky hamster wheel

  1. Use non-harmful lubricant to retain your silent spinner noise absolutely free! Strip your silent spinner and detach the axle from the wheel. Use a cotton pad, dapped with some lubricant, to wipe the axle extensively. Fix back again the axle to your wheel and your wheel will be as good as new! Some lubricants you can use:
    • Vegetable oil
    • Vaseline
    • Butter – wears out soon after awhile and you would have to utilize it extra routinely

    If this technique need to fail and your hamster wheel is continue to squeaking, then you can test the following methods to clear up your difficulty.

  2. Instead of employing a cotton pad to dap the axle of your hamster wheel, soak the axle in vegetable oil for an hour. Make guaranteed that the plastic component does not get into the oil. Right after that, acquire out the axle and wipe it with a kitchen towel just before repairing it back to the other pieces of the wheel. This will stop the vegetable oil from about-flowing into the wheel and getting on to your hamster.
  3. One more strategy you can use is to transfer your hamster cage into a closet at evening when you are sleeping. It will not make the wheel quiet but at least the sound will be additional muffled as in comparison to leaving it outdoors of the closet. Try to remember to depart it a bit ajar so that your hamster will have some air flow.
  4. And finally, and this must be your final resort, transfer your hamster cage out of your room.

These are some of the data collected although exploring for strategies to quiet a squeaky hamster wheel. In the system of carrying out so, I have also arrived throughout 2 components that could have brought on your wheel to grow to be squeaky and how you can protect against it.

Right here are some of the good reasons why your hamster wheels develop into squeaky and how you can protect against it.

  1. Rusting of axle I have study in message boards and some ‘online answers’ advising hamster entrepreneurs to use vinegar to rinse their hamster’s toys to clear away odour. This is an exceptional method to remove odour but vinegar will oxidise the metal and result in it to rust. After it rusts, the system will be irreversible. So my tips is to eliminate the axle from the wheel ahead of rinsing it with vinegar and h2o. Then make positive it is dry just before attaching the axel back again to the wheel.
  2. Wheels being employed for a extensive time Simply because hamsters operate a great deal, the axle could possibly get worn out in the lengthy operate. This have on and tear is caused by friction and can be prevented by lubricating your wheel usually with the advisable lubricants outlined over.


In my post, I mentioned 4 Means to tranquil a squeaky hamster wheel:

  1. Lubricate applying cotton pad
  2. Lubricate by soaking
  3. Go away your hamster cage in closet at night time
  4. Move hamster cage out of place

I have also pointed out the 2 will cause of ending up with squeaky hamster wheels and how to avert them:

  1. Rusting of axle
  2. Wheels applied for a extended time

I hope you have realized some thing new from my write-up and I want to emphasize that the lubricant use Should be non-toxic. This is simply because the lubricant could possibly get on to your hamster’s wheel and the consequences will be fatal if it ingests it. An additional factor is, avoidance is improved than remedy. So in advance of your wheel gets to be all squeaky and noisy, wipe the axle with a cotton pad soaked with oil. This will enable you to have extended lasting silent wheels. Wishing you and your hamster contentment!

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