Rat breeders: unfastened Rattus rattus breeding pairs to be had

Please lend a hand stay this species to be had as pets for long term generations

Greetings, fellow rat breeders!

Day outdated child Roof Rat

We’ve advanced a line of genetically tame Rattus rattus (arboreal cousin to Norway rats.) This has been attempted prior to now, however to this point unsuccessfully for quite a lot of causes (inbreeding, and many others.) On the other hand, it seems like we’ve got been in large part a success as our rats are wholesome and seem to reproduce true.

We want to present breeding pairs to any critical breeders prepared to lend a hand us ensure that the survival of this line. The rats could be unfastened to select up within the Orlando house (the place we’re situated), or shall we will let you organize delivery. Our colony has already been PCR examined for zoonotic sicknesses, however I’d be at liberty to have them re-tested (on the breeder’s expense) and acquire any important well being certificate. We will be offering any toughen or recommendation you could want to effectively breed them.

We’ve already finished many of the laborious paintings, and sooner or later we’d like so to retire from breeding, therefore we want to get our rats in different succesful fingers but even so our personal. If you’re fascinating in serving to us, or know any person that may well be, please do get in contact. Thank you!

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Do you want to have a puppy roof rat? You’ll! Adoptions are unfastened for accountable puppy house owners. Click on right here to order puppy rats free of charge.  And sign up for the Puppy Roof Rat Fb Team.

Take our unfastened on-line path about Roof Rat care and possession.

And, don’t omit to reserve our Home made Rat Pouches and Hammocks, so your young children will really feel comfy and secure of their new properties!

rat in a pouch
I like my pouch soo a lot!