Rainforest Birds – Swainson’s Toucan

Rainforest Birds – Swainson’s Toucan

Fowl Name:

Swainson’s Toucan

Latin Identify:

Ramphastos swainsonii


The very least Concern

Scientific Classification:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Course: Aves

Order: Piciformes

Spouse and children: Ramphastidae

Genus: Ramphastos

Species: R. swainsonii

Typical Information:

The Swainson’s Toucan, named immediately after English ornithologist William Swainson, is a massive near-passerine hen native to Central The united states and northern South The us. It is the 2nd premier of the 37 species of toucan, only marginally smaller sized than the Toco Toucan. It prefers to be solitary or in smaller groups as opposed to large flocks.

Actual physical Description:

The male is all-around 22 inches in size and weighs about 750 g. The female is a little smaller at about 20.5 inches and 580 g, but normally alike in visual appeal to the male. The Swainson’s Toucan’s unique, brightly marked bill can increase up to 8 inches prolonged. It is typically black in look but has a vibrant yellow experience and upper breast, with slim white and broader red bands forming a border previously mentioned its lower breast. Juveniles are of a far more sooty black shade with duller plumage, in particular with regard to the red border and yellow bib of its breast.

Diet plan:

The Swainson’s Toucan feeds on fruits, which it plucks from branches with its extensive beak. It will also eat insects and lizards for protein, specially throughout the nesting interval


These toucans manifest in forests ranging from Honduras and Costa Rica down by means of northern Colombia. They are resident breeders in moist lowland forests, normally nesting in tree cavities or outdated woodpecker’s nests.


Woman Swainson’s Toucans lays 2 – 4 eggs for every clutch and will incubate them for a period of 14 – 15 times. Immediately after hatching, the younger toucans are fed by equally mother and father and fledge the nest after about 6 months.

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