Rainforest Birds – Crimson-Crested Finch

Bird Name:

Red-crested Finch

Latin Title:

Coryphospingus cucullatus


Least Issue

Scientific Classification:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Aves

Buy: Passeriformes

Household: Thraupidae (formerly Emberizidae)

Genus: Coryphospingus

Species: C. cucullatus

General Details:

Other popular identify is the Red-pileated Finch. They are part of a little genus of finch-like tanagers located in South America and were previously categorised in the household Emberizidae together with the buntings and sparrows. This species has a few subspecies.

Physical Description:

The Purple-crested Finch averages 13.5 cm in size. The male has a scarlet bushy crest on its head with black stripes along the sides. The plumage on the major is a dark vinous purple turning crimson down the rump. The wings and tail are browner. The duller woman lacks the crown stripes and her underparts and rump are pinkish. The two present a slender white eye ring.

Food plan:

Crimson-crested Finches are primarily frugivorous feasting on regionally readily available fruit but will insert insects and other invertebrates to their diet regime. They forage on the ground, specially alongside the grassy borders and in just tangles and within woodland.


Discovered in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, French Guinea, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, and Uruguay. It is popular in arid intermontane valleys to 1500 m. They favor arid scrub, drier woodland, and agricultural areas. While they are widespread in semi-open parts, they almost never noticed in populated regions. This species gathers in unfastened flock in non-breeding time.


The breeding season is from February to August. Shallow cup nest are constructed from plant issue between 3 and 12 m off the floor. There are two white or buff colored eggs with brownish spotting for every clutch. The female incubates the eggs and equally mothers and fathers participate in feeding the nestlings.

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