Rabbit Cage Setup for Glad & Wholesome Bunnies

Have you ever followed a brand new pal and wish to create the most efficient rabbit cage setup you’ll? Are you already a fur mother and taking a look to improve your bunny to a greater dwelling state of affairs?

Your rabbit cage setup is what your puppy’s global revolves round. That implies you wish to have the whole lot to be precisely proper, from what it comprises to the place you set it. Rabbits will also be finicky, so in the event you don’t set it up proper, it will result in a multitude!

On this article, you’ll be informed what your rabbit cage setup must be like– from how giant it must be to the place to place it, and extra. Stay studying to be told extra about construction without equal rabbit cage setup. 

Right kind Rabbit Cage Measurement

The proper dimension in point of fact relies on your rabbit’s breed and dimension. You wouldn’t want as a lot area for a Netherland Dwarf as you could possibly a Flemish Massive. Both method, the cage must be large enough in your rabbit to hop round, stretch out, and so on. You understand, large enough to if truth be told are living inside of. 

In line with rabbit welfare teams, the perfect cage dimension for a rabbit is 8-12 sq. toes. with get entry to to workout area of no less than 24 sq. toes. This is sufficient room for 1 or 2 rabbits, despite the fact that extra is at all times higher, particularly you probably have a couple of rabbit. 

That’s why it’s so recommended to allow them to roam unfastened round the home (equipped they’re clutter skilled, in fact). But when that’s no longer imaginable, your rabbit will want no less than 5 hours of workout within the advisable quantity of area to stick wholesome and satisfied. 

What Form of Bunny Cage is Very best? 

Rabbits want a lot more room than any puppy retailer cages can give. So, if you’ll’t give your rabbit unfastened get entry to to your own home, imagine some extra spacious enclosure choices.

My non-public favorite rabbit cage possibility is a pet playpen. Pet play pens are generally the very best dimension, light-weight (however no longer sufficient to tip over), and most significantly, super-easy to stay blank. 

A crate for an extra-large canine is big sufficient for an average-sized rabbit to are living inside of. Plus, canine crates have a handy plastic backside you’ll slide out to scrub. 

Final however by no means least, there may be the choice of making your personal cage with snap-on C&C grids. Now not best does it assist you to design the very best bunny cage setup, but it surely’s additionally somewhat reasonably priced. 

Rabbit Cage Setup by Taylor DuPea
Rabbit cage setup by way of Taylor DuPea

Sorts of Rabbit Cages to Keep away from

Rather than small puppy retailer cages, there are any other issues chances are you’ll see advisable which might be the rest however just right for rabbits. Listed here are any other enclosures you must keep away from in your rabbit’s sake:

  • Twine-bottom cages
  • Aquariums & fish tanks 
  • Hutches except there’s 24/7 get entry to to a bigger house – akin to at the picture above

You’ll be informed extra about the most efficient cages for rabbits and get some suggestions right here. 

Unfastened Roam Rabbits – Is Unfastened Roam Higher?

In my enjoy, and that spans over a few years, I in point of fact consider that unfastened roam is one of the simplest ways to move. Rabbits that get to discover and wander their very own setting are bodily more healthy, mentally more healthy, and so a lot more. 

Unfastened-roam rabbits are usually happier and more healthy rabbits. And that’s no longer as a result of they get to wander round, doing no matter they would like, despite the fact that understanding my rabbit, I’m certain that’s an essential component.

Letting your rabbits have unfastened roam over your own home isn’t simply recommended in your rabbits both. Because you don’t want a cage, you received’t wish to purchase disposable bedding. After rabbit proofing, you simply want the clutter for the clutter packing containers. Plus, that makes issues a heck of so much more straightforward on the subject of cleansing. 

In case your rabbit is unfastened to roam, you’ll want a primary station to host his meals, clutter field, and mattress. We’ll get extra into that during a minute.

What Do You Put at the Ground of a Bunny Cage

In fact, in case your rabbits are unfastened to roam, you received’t even want bedding. However, even within the bunny cage setups we’ve coated, conventional bedding would best result in a large mess. 

That stated, you continue to want one thing to give protection to your flooring from any injuries and messes that –make no mistake– will occur. 

 As an alternative, listed below are some higher choices for the ground of your rabbit enclosure:

  • Splat mats
  • Plastic tray from a big/x-large canine crate
  • Whelping mats
  • Bathtub mats
  • Vinyl or linoleum floor
  • Canvas floor coverage / portray sheets
  • Fleece blankets or liners
  • Seagrass rugs
Beth McCue Rabbit cage setup
Rabbit cage setup by way of Beth McCue

Sorts of Bedding to Keep away from The usage of

Apart from conventional bedding akin to paper bedding or wooden shavings (which, once more, can be an entire mess and a waste of cash), listed below are any other kinds of issues to keep away from hanging at the ground of your rabbit cage:

  • Skinny plastic floor coverage sheets
  • Astro turf
  • Thick carpeting 
  • Skinny mattress sheets 

The place Must a Rabbit Cage or Major Station Move?

The most efficient position for a rabbit’s enclosure or station is a calm room that he’s already relaxed in. That are supposed to be a room that doesn’t see the busy day by day actions of your existence, just like the loud noises of the tv, youngsters, and so on. 

My rabbit, Chile, is free-roam and prefers spending maximum of his time in my place of work as it’s quiet, I’m at all times in there, it’s utterly bunny-proofed,  and no person however the cat (his perfect pal) ever is available in. So, that is the place I stay his station setup.

Additionally, rabbits must by no means be in direct daylight. Rabbits usually just like the darkish, being crepuscular and burrowing animals. On the other hand, they shouldn’t be in a chilly, darkish basement both. 

Crucial Pieces for a Rabbit Cage or Major Station

Whenever you’ve selected the perfect form of rabbit cage and determined what to place at the ground, you wish to have to set it up with all of the must haves. Despite the fact that you’ve opted to let your rabbits be unfastened to roam, you’ll wish to equip their stations with the necessities. 

Emily Jago cage
Rabbit cage setup by way of Emily Jago

Right here’s what you wish to have to incorporate for your bunny cage setup or major station:

  • Water and meals dishes
  • Limitless get entry to to hay
  • Hidey homes or tunnels
  • Mattress 
  • Muddle field
  • Toys

Water Bowl or Water Bottle – Which is Very best?

Water bottles might appear to be the most suitable option as a result of they’re handy and cleaner. On the other hand, they’re no longer your best choice. In the beginning, water bottles make your rabbits drink at an ungainly attitude that, over the years, could cause neck and throat injury. 

Whilst water dishes want extra cleansing and are a lot more prone to spill, they’re one of the simplest ways to make sure your rabbit at all times has recent, blank water. You’ll be informed extra about that right here. 


Hay is de facto important in your rabbit’s well being. If truth be told, it makes up maximum in their vitamin. Even maximum pellets are made from compressed Timothy hay. Besides, your rabbits at all times want get entry to to recent hay for his or her digestive well being.

There are lots of kinds of hay which might be wholesome for rabbits, all with particular well being advantages. Once more, your rabbit at all times wishes get entry to to hay, so it’s perfect to have it in other places. In an enclosure, you must put some by way of the meals and a few by way of the clutter field. And, for enrichment functions, stuff some in DIY toys. 

Meals Dishes

For meals dishes, it’s at all times perfect to have one in step with rabbit. You don’t wish to possibility a struggle, even supposing your rabbits get alongside.  

In my time proudly owning rabbits, I’ve used steel dishes, plastic dishes, and porcelain dishes, and my favorite is the porcelain possibility. They’re too heavy for rabbits to throw round and tip over and generally dishwasher-safe. 

Hidey Space or Tunnel

Rabbits are herbal burrowers. And because you’ll’t allow them to get started digging throughout the ground, you’ll give them a secure position to cover or hang around. There must be one in step with rabbit to keep away from preventing.

Hidey homes and tunnels are an effective way to lend a hand your rabbit really feel secure in an open enclosure or stay free-roam rabbits from spending all in their time beneath your furnishings. 


Whether or not your rabbits are unfastened to roam or have a large enclosure, they want a at ease mattress to twist up in when it’s time to sleep. Once more, to keep away from struggle, there must be one in step with rabbit. 

That may be the rest from a cat mattress to a bunched-up blanket, so long as it’s comfy, heat, and secure. In case your rabbit is free-roam, be certain that the mattress is by way of his station or anyplace your rabbit sleeps.


Your rabbits will want a number of toys to stay their minds occupied, even supposing they’re unfastened to roam. Boredom best results in two issues in rabbits: melancholy and destruction.

To forestall melancholy and damaging chewing, your rabbit wishes chunk toys, puzzle toys, and interactive toys for bonding time. Get some DIY rabbit toy suggestions right here.

Shelly Fletcher Rabbit cage
Rabbit cage setup by way of Shelly Fletcher

Rabbit Muddle Field Setup

Now, in your rabbit’s clutter field setup, you’ll want a clutter field, absorbent clutter, and a number of hay to inspire utilization, even supposing your rabbit is already litter-trained. In case your rabbit is a free-roaming bun, their station must be the place the clutter field or cage was once, no less than to begin. 

You’ll step by step transfer it to a greater position if wanted. It’ll simply take time in your rabbit to regulate, and you will have to do some more cleansing within the period in-between. 

There are two kinds of clutter packing containers you’ll use. The triangular clutter packing containers are nice for saving area in enclosures. And the sq. cat clutter packing containers are spacious sufficient to forestall injuries. 

Each are nice choices. However, it’s most commonly as much as desire and what works perfect in your rabbit and the rabbit cage setup. 

Very best Sorts of Muddle for a Rabbit Muddle Field Setup

Identical to with cages and bedding, puppy shops will attempt to throw a host of various choices for your face, and only some of the ones will if truth be told be just right in your rabbit, let on my own vital. 

Listed here are some just right choices to make use of for your rabbit clutter field:

  • Recycled paper bedding
  • Recycled paper pellets
  • Shredded paper
  • Aspen shavings

Sorts of Muddle to Keep away from 

Once more, lots of the clutter or bedding varieties to be had in puppy shops aren’t if truth be told just right in your rabbit. Listed here are a few of them:

  • Cedar and non-kiln-dried pine shavings
  • Corn clutter
  • Clay-based cat clutter
  • Straw
  • Sawdust

The right way to Keep away from Aggression Between Rabbits With a Right kind Cage Setup

In terms of meals, rabbits can get slightly sensitive. Should you best have one rabbit, you received’t run into this drawback. However for a couple of rabbits, know that meals aggression is actual, and will best result in two situations:

  1. A struggle over meals (particularly between men). 
  2. One rabbit dominates the opposite, this means that one rabbit is going with out meals. 

You’ll simply keep away from this by way of having certainly one of every crucial merchandise for each and every rabbit you’ve gotten. And by way of conserving the ones issues separate. It’s a little bit more straightforward with free-roam rabbits since there may be more room. 

If aggression continues or escalates, imagine solving your rabbits. And if it doesn’t prevent, they are going to wish to be separated.

Rabbit Cage Setup Footage for Inspiration

Making a Bunny Cage Setup for a Glad, Wholesome Bun

Should you create your rabbit cage setup with the information and recommendation I’ve given you nowadays, I haven’t any doubt that your rabbit shall be satisfied and wholesome. And if bonded to you, they’ll display you ways a lot they love their “new digs.”

Rabbits don’t want an entire lot. They’re no longer advanced like us people. But if they’ve what they want, they’re the most efficient pets {that a} human may ask for.

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