Protected Contemporary Meals Listing for Guinea Pigs: Greens, End result & Herbs

In the event you’ve ever scoured the web in search of a listing of veggies and culmination you’ll give on your guinea pigs, you’ve almost definitely witnessed the wild west of data. With such a lot contradictory recommendation starting from “your guinea pig will die if they simply have a look at cabbage” to “they may be able to consume the whole thing,” it may be exhausting to come to a decision what to consider and what recommendation to hear.

The excellent news is that the guinea pig vitamin isn’t all that sophisticated. Our cavies can safely consume all kinds of veggies and culmination, with some exceptions and laws to practice.

To make it more straightforward for you, we’ve compiled a listing of veggies, culmination, flora, and herbs your guinea pigs can safely experience!

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The Significance of a Numerous Nutrition

In contrast to us people, guinea pigs can’t produce their very own diet C, so it’s vital to incorporate veggies wealthy in diet C day by day. Calcium may be an very important a part of their vitamin, but when your guinea pigs are liable to creating bladder stones, you could have to scale back the quantity of calcium of their vitamin after consulting your vet.

Some veggies are kind of nutritious, some have extra diet C, some have extra calcium, and a few could cause bloating if fed an excessive amount of. However general, a various vitamin with nutritious colourful veggies (and culmination) wealthy in diet C must quilt the entire bases.

An important factor is that you simply’re no longer feeding them anything else poisonous or destructive, and that’s why I incorporated the meals you must by no means give your pets. Simplest feed your guinea pigs hay, pellets, secure veggies, culmination and herbs. Don’t give them seeds, nuts, dairy, or meat.

Protected Greens Listing

Every piggy must stand up to 1 cup of blended greens in keeping with day, making sure they at all times have a small quantity of veggies that experience diet C. It’s vital to supply a rainbow of greens since each and every veggie colour supplies other dietary values.

One of the “vegs” on our vegetable listing are in reality culmination (equivalent to tomato and cucumber), however we made a listing according to what the general public understand as greens.

Arugula (Rocket) Kohlrabi
Asparagus Lettuce, Butterhead
Beet Vegetables Lettuce, Inexperienced Leaf
Beetroot Lettuce, Lamb’s
Bell Peppers Lettuce, Pink
Bok Choy (Pak Choi) Lettuce, Romaine
Broccoli Mustard Vegetables
Brussels Sprouts Parsley
Butternut Squash Parsnip
Cabbage, Pink Peas
Cabbage, Savoy Pumpkin
Cabbage, White Radicchio
Carrots Radish
Cauliflower Rutabagas
Celeriac Spinach
Celery Spaghetti Squash
Choko / Chayote Summer season Squash
Collard Vegetables Swede (Rutabagas)
Corn (husks too) Candy Potato
Cucumber Swiss Chard
Endive Tomato (no vegetables!)
Fennel Turnip
Lawn Cress Watercress
Inexperienced Beans Yam
Kale Zucchini (Courgette)

Cruciferous greens equivalent to arugula, Bok choy, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard vegetables, broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, parsley, radish, turnip, and watercress could cause bloating in guinea pigs, in order that they must no longer be presented in huge amounts.

Whilst cruciferous veggies like cabbage and Brussel sprouts continuously get at the “forbidden meals” lists, they don’t seem to be in reality destructive and are very nutritious. They’re wealthy in diet C – extra so than many different veggies. The one factor is that they could cause bloat in the event you feed your piggies huge quantities of those veggies. However in the event you feed them sparsely, as part of a nutritious diet, blended with different veggies, they’re in reality nice resources of nutrients and minerals. In case your guinea pigs by no means ate cruciferous veggies earlier than, slowly introduce them into their vitamin and observe. Some guinea pigs may also be extra vulnerable to gloating. In the event you understand your guinea pigs having problems with the ones veggies, regulate their vitamin accordingly.

Guinea pigs want a number of diet C since they may be able to’t produce it themselves. Bell peppers are an excellent supply of diet C and may also be given day by day.

Be offering a special collection of veggies each day, so your guinea pigs get a just right vary of vitamins.

I like to seek advice from this veg and fruit desk which presentations what number of nutrients and minerals each and every veggie and fruit incorporates. It’s useful to determine in the event you’re feeding your guinea pigs sufficient veggies wealthy in diet C.

Veggies that you simply must no longer give on your guinea pigs are:

  • Chili peppers (and different scorching peppers)
  • Potatoes
  • Iceberg lettuce – low dietary worth
  • Avocado – too prime in fats
  • Rhubarb leaves – toxic
  • Tomato leaves and stalks – toxic
Guinea Pig Safe Vegetables list

Protected Fruit Listing

Guinea pig safe fruit list

Fruit is a deal with that are supposed to be fed sparingly, no various occasions every week, because of its prime sugar content material.

Apple (no seeds) Mandarin
Apricot Mango
Banana (leaves too) Nectarine
Blackberries Oranges
Blueberries Papaya
Cantaloupe Interest Fruit
Cherries (no pits) Peach (no pit)
Cranberries Pear
Currants Pineapple
Figs Plum (no pit)
Gooseberries Raspberries
Grapefruit Rosehips
Grapes (white, pink) Strawberries
Guava Tangerine
Honeydew Melon Watermelon

Steer clear of the pits and seeds of a few culmination (discussed within the listing above) as a result of they include amygdalin which is transformed into cyanide within the abdomen and would possibly reason toxicity in huge doses.

Protected Herb Listing

Anise Lemon Balm
Basil Milk Thistle
Chamomile Mint
Chickweed Oat Grass
Cilantro (Coriander) Raspberry Leaves
Cleavers Stinging Nettle
Clover Thyme
Dandelion Vegetables Yarrow

Herbs and flora make an excellent addition on your guinea pigs’ vitamin. They’re very good for foraging and enrichment.

Guinea Pig Safe Fruits and Herbs List

We’ve accrued the information for this secure guinea pig meals listing from essentially the most respected resources and double-checked the whole thing to ensure the listing is totally correct.


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