Propylene Glycol for Food items, Drugs, and Cosmetics

Propylene glycol is a preferred ingredient for food items for the reason that of its flexibility and its really reduced toxicity. As a issue of point, the US Food stuff and Drugs Agency (Fda) approve it as an ingredient for human and animal use. Shown below are some of its specific qualities:


A humectant absorbs and retains water to continue to keep items from drying out. To lengthen shelf lifestyle, the sweet alcohol is included to chewing gums, mints, pet food items, biscuits, and candies. Snacks that are exposed for much too long can now retain their humidity.


An emulsifier stabilizes a combination by binding two or more liquids that are normally immiscible. It varieties a layer all-around oils contained in a mixture in get to retain them from collecting in clumps. Oils are dispersed into droplets, and the approach preserves the combination in turn. Soft drinks and mayonnaise get benefit of this house when propylene glycol is extra.

Solvent Provider

Some substances will need a car to be lively in a mixture. Propylene glycol is a suitable provider since of its neutral character. It carries flavors and colours that give foodstuff their one of a kind appearances and tastes. It also stabilizes beer, salad dressings, and pre-built pastries.

Thickening Agent

A thickener raises a product’s viscosity or bulk without modifying considerably its other attributes. This is very crucial in particular with foodstuff as the additive really should not in any way have an affect on its taste or aroma. Propylene glycol provides the preferred quantity for cheeses, ice product, and yogurt.

Despite the fact that it is common as a food component, the organic glycol has also observed its way to diverse health and fitness-sensitive apps in which moisture is a issue.

Beauty and Toiletries:

The meals grade glycol is just one of the most decided on additives for cosmetic products and solutions. It gives lipsticks with its dependable texture, preserves the consistency of oil-in-drinking water emulsions, supplies fixative for fragrance scents, and enhances the foaming capacity of shower gels.

Animal feeds:

Due to the fact this liquor absorbs dampness, it also keeps animal feeds moist, clean, and chewy. This makes it easy for dogs and livestock animals to digest the foodstuff. This is even useful for the duration of wintertime as it helps feed decrease its freezing stage and protect for sustained intervals. So even at sub-zero temperatures, the feed is nevertheless feasible for consuming. Propylene glycol is also an readily available electricity source.

Prescribed drugs:

For medication to be potent, the active ingredients ought to be homogenized in a solution and nevertheless be productive upon application. Propylene glycol’s most important function is to make the curing agent more soluble while distributing it similarly in a formulation. Patients are certain that drugs, syrups, and lotions generally have the actual total of dosage essential.

It is crucial that the propylene glycol to be utilised for health-sensitive purposes ought to have a USP/EP quality. USP stands for the United States Pharmacopeia, which is the country’s formal requirements-location authority for all prescription and more than-the-state prescription drugs, foods supplements, and other health and fitness care merchandise manufactured in the United States.

EP in the meantime stands for European Pharmacopeia. It is a semi-autonomous institution of the Council of Europe that also lists a large variety of energetic substances and excipients made use of for drug preparing in the aforementioned continent. A chemical compound with either a USP or EP grade implies that it has gone through intense unbiased screening and critique to verify its ingredients, purity, and potency.

Take note:
* – not permissible for cat meals use

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