Pit Bulls: Legit Dog Breed or Mixed Mongrel

I’ll get straight to it. Pit Bulls are a legit
doggy breed but they are known by their formal
name of American Pit Bull Terrier.

Nearly anything else is not a Pit Bull nor should really it
be known as a Pit Bull.

How did the total “pit bull” detail spin out of

Great problem so in this article is my solution…

Fanciers of the breed refer to their pet dogs applying
a range of terms. Most prevalent are, Pit Bull,
Pit Bulldog, Pit Bull Terrier, or plain previous, bulldog.

Wherever the total matter got out of hand was when
people today who did not know what a true Pit Bull
looked like started contacting everything that resembled
the dogs, “pit bulls” and viola!, we are a lot more bewildered
than ever.

There are several breeds of canine that are similar in
visual appearance and origin as the American Pit Bull Terrier
and this, once once again, has led to the trouble of misidentifying
other breeds as Pit Bulls.

A number of breeds that are normally mistaken for American Pit Bull
Terriers (aka Pit Bulls) are:

1. American Bulldogs.

2. Cane Corso’s.

3. Presa Canerio’s.

4. Dogo Argentino’s.

5. Blended breed puppies of any of the above breeds.

6. Mastiffs.

7. Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

8. Bull Terriers.

The checklist goes on and on but the reality of it is this…

The only doggy on world earth that is a “Pit Bull” is
the American Pit Bull Terrier. This the only breed on
earth that has “Pit Bull” in it truly is official name.

So why isn’t going to the American Kennel Club realize
Pit Bulls as a breed?

For starters, bear in mind when we talked about how men and women
started calling just about anything that resembled an American Pit
Bull Terrier a “pit bull” nicely there is explanation number 1.

An additional rationale is they are really uptight and consider that
any doggy not recognized by them is not a purebred canine. This
is the farthest point from the reality but tens of millions of people today
get into their ideology and advertise incorrect data.

For proof 1 only wants to request out the United Kennel Club
or the American Pet Breeders Affiliation to see what a actual
Pit Bull is and that American Pit Bull Terriers are in truth
a purebred doggy.

American Pit Bull Terriers (serious Pit Bulls) are loyal, robust,
and like a challenge. That is why they are doing the job dogs that
excel at really hard get the job done that other breeds shrink from.

Their adore of folks is legendary and that is why they
are so easy to exploit and are getting exploited day by day
by hundreds of ignorant, greedy, sadistic individuals that
use them for the improper explanations.

So to sum up this post and put a ultimate solution to
the dilemma, Are Pit Bulls a legit breed or a blended

The actual Pit Bull or the American Pit Bull Terrier is
in actuality a legit breed of puppy that excels at nearly
any activity they are place to.

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