Pigs as pets: Chilliwack guy begins petition following loss of life of unlawful puppy pig Hamson

A Chilliwack guy whose unlawful puppy pig died in 2021 after it needed to be re-homed because of a bylaw violation has began a petition referred to as Hamson’s Legislation.

The objective is to switch a Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) bylaw to permit other folks to have pigs as pets in Chilliwack and past, Eli Gagne stated.

He and his circle of relatives had a pig named Hamson on their assets in Chilliwack for approximately a yr and a part, from December 2019 to August 2021. He used to be simply 12 weeks outdated after they were given him.

Gagne were given a choice from animal keep an eye on with the FVRD on Aug. 5, 2021 after a neighbour made a grievance concerning the 70-pound miniature pot-bellied pig in Gagne’s yard.

In step with the FVRD bylaw, farm animals aren’t allowed as pets inside a place of abode or on actual assets.

Main points of the grievance weren’t published to Gagne and he used to be given per week to re-home Hamson, or face a nice of $100 according to day.

The circle of relatives used to be compelled to discover a new domestic for Hamson, in order that they relocated him to a passion farm in Kelowna on Aug. 8, 2021.

4 hours after arriving at his new domestic, Hamson died.

“It’s dangerous sufficient to should be re-homed, however then passing away on account of tension and nervousness,” Gagne stated right through an interview with The Chilliwack Growth in 2021.

He died on account of the transfer, Gagne stated, including he couldn’t discover a native farm that might take Hamson.

“No farm within the space would take him as a result of he’s no longer thought to be farm animals through their requirements,” Gagne stated.

He stated there’s a “gray space” within the bylaw and FVRD will have to make a difference between a pig in a residential space that may be a puppy and one this is farm animals.

He has now began a petition to amend Bylaw No. 1206 to permit for the conserving of 1, two or 3 pigs – labeled as farm animals as pets – on non-public assets.

It’s referred to as ‘Hamson’s Legislation – A petition to permit for pigs to be saved as pets.’

Hamson the pig. (Submitted)

Hamson the pig. (Submitted)

“Figuring out there are the reason why pigs aren’t to be saved on ‘actual assets’ it’s imaginable to take action in a fashion that minimizes those problems,” the on-line petition reads.

Gagne stated Hamson used to be cared for like a circle of relatives canine and he and his circle of relatives liked him like a puppy.

“The problems of conserving farm animals on actual assets, comparable to noise problems and manure disposal may also be rectified through a person if they have got the thoughts to take action – because the Gagnes did, and as any cheap grownup will have to be capable to do,” the petition states. “It is usually no longer the regional district’s industry which animal a circle of relatives chooses to like, if that circle of relatives does so in a accountable approach.”

To learn and signal the petition, pass to thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/554/756/615.


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Pigs as pets: Chilliwack man starts petition following death of illegal pet pig Hamson