Pet Guinea Pigs: The Characteristics That Make Them So Distinctive

Guinea pigs are intriguing and distinctive animals whose characteristics make them pretty unique from other pet rodents. Let us seem at their many features to see why they are this sort of loveable, exciting creatures.


Cavies have quite negative eyesight, and alternatively have a tendency to count on their other senses much additional than individuals do.

Their senses of touch, smell, and listening to are quite nicely designed, providing them the capability to discover their way all around their natural environment easily and speedily, sniffing out food and recognizing predators in a great deal of time.

Physical Means

Because they have very large bodies and stumpy legs, they are not especially nimble. They can operate relatively promptly, but they are quite lousy at working with obstructions, and are not able to climb steep slopes. For this motive, it’s ideal to give them a solitary stage cage if at all attainable.

Cavies are robust swimmers, which is an skill that most likely evolved in the wild. On the other hand, they will not truly like swimming, so you should not ever power your animals to swim.


Guinea pigs talk employing a language of chatters, squeals, and rumbles. Just about every sound has a various indicating, which will help you get to know your animals and decipher what they want.

You may well also detect that your guinea pigs make a singing seem which appears a large amount like a chicken. No person is positive exactly what this signifies, but it is lovely to encounter.


Guinea pigs have a pretty very good memory, and can keep in mind a route by a maze for a selection of months. They are also capable to try to remember who their operator is, which is a excellent sensation and leads to a unique bond concerning you and your animals.


Guinea pigs are really nervous animals, and are effortlessly scared by loud or sudden appears. Mainly because of this, you really should often strategy them carefully, and stay clear of earning loud appears in the vicinity of them. If your animals do get anxious, converse to them in a comfortable, comforting voice to assist them serene down.

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