Myths and Legends of the Tiger

More than the training course of centuries, the tiger has turn out to be immortalised in several myths, tales, traditions and areas of common culture all about the globe. Predatory massive cats have fascinated humanity for generations, and tigers are at the forefront of the craze, owing to their unique visual appeal and the symbolic associations produced with them because time immemorial. Even though a tiger safari can empower persons to notice these animals in their normal habitat in the wild, the symbol of the tiger can be found in numerous stories and legends throughout the globe. Listed here are a few of the most fascinating appearances of tigers, from historical myths to the modern-day media.

Chinese ‘Kings’

However lots of African myths and tales centre on the lion, in China, the tiger normally takes its spot as foremost amongst the big cats, representing royalty, fearlessness, and wrath. A tiger safari may possibly not pretty let you see the wrath of a tiger up shut, nevertheless – and that’s a good issue! In graphic depictions, the Chinese tiger frequently has a marking on its forehead, 王, which is the Chinese character for ‘king’, and echoes the distinctive stripes of the tiger. A lot of modern day cartoon depictions of tigers in China and Korea are drawn with this mark on their forehead, as a nod to these legendary associations.

The Zodiac

The tiger usually takes its put among the 12 animals of the Zodiac, the place it really is associations of satisfaction, competitiveness, and skills as a hunter are emphasised. In the period of Imperial China, a tiger was deemed to be the personification of war and warfare, and was normally utilised as a image to depict the highest military typical – a tradition that carries on to this day, as it is also applied to symbolize the defence secretary in the Chinese federal government. In numerous Chinese martial arts, the ‘tiger’ type is utilized as a metaphor for aggressive movements and stances, and a single southern Chinese martial artwork, Hung Ga, is claimed to be dependent on the movements of tigers and cranes. Even outside of a classic tiger safari, the animal can be viewed in several areas in Chinese culture.

Legends of the Tiger

There are quite a few legends and tales concerning tigers unique cultures. In Buddhism, the tiger is referred to as one particular of the A few Senseless Creatures (or animals dominated by a baser human emotion) where it symbolises rage and anger, along with the monkey which represents greed, and the deer which represents lovesickness. The Tungusic persons thought of the Siberian tiger as anything close to a deity, and known as it ‘Grandfather’, or ‘old man’. The broadly-worshipped Hindu goddess, Durga, is a ten-armed warrior who rides a tigress recognised as Damon into struggle. A 10-armed goddess driving a tiger would unquestionably be a weird sight to behold on a tiger safari, but however, not 1 you are likely to face in this day and age.


Akin to the werewolf legends identified in Europe (where by wolves have been considered the most unsafe predators), weretigers are often discovered in Asian legends and tales – but once more, not possible to be witnessed on a modern-working day tiger safari. In India, weretigers are portrayed as dangerous sorcerers and menaces to livestock, who might turn out to be man-eaters at the fall of a hat. Even so, a variation on the legend in Indonesia portrays benevolent weretigers as guarding plantations from wild pigs.

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