Make an Enriching House for Your Puppy

Whether or not you’re new to the arena of hamsters otherwise you’re searching for some inspiration for upgrading your hamster’s house, we deliver you a whole information on find out how to arrange your hamster’s cage to make it comfy and enriching on your puppy. 

A well-set-up hamster cage must inspire your puppy to transport round, discover, dig, forage and be lively to make use of up their power. A cage that doesn’t supply a lot of enrichment will reason your hamster to be bored and wired, resulting in harmful behaviors corresponding to cage biting and frantically seeking to get away.

Even supposing it’s more uncomplicated to only pop up your puppy in a tiny cage with a small wheel and a area, this is able to make your puppy depressing. Hamsters are extraordinarily lively animals that spend all night time operating round and looking for meals within the wild. They run as much as 6 miles in step with day, so being cooped up in a tiny cage doesn’t supply them with sufficient room and enrichment to occupy themselves.

Right here’s find out how to do a correct hamster cage setup, beginning with getting an appropriate cage.

A Appropriate Cage

Very first thing first, so that you could arrange a hamster cage correctly, you want to have a big sufficient cage. Sadly, the ones small hamster cages available for purchase in a puppy store gained’t paintings as they’re smaller than the advisable minimal. The ones cages additionally don’t have enough space to suit the entire equipment {that a} well-set-up hamster cage wishes, corresponding to deep bedding, a big wheel, a sand tub and different necessities.

A hamster cage must be at least 640 sq. inches. Your choices are purchasing a ready-made cage of that dimension or larger, the use of a specious aquarium or creating a DIY cage out of a plastic bin or IKEA closet corresponding to Detolf. I wrote an in depth information on the most efficient hamster cages right here so you’ll see your choices in case your present cage isn’t sufficiently big.

Protected & Deep Bedding

Hamster bedding

You’ve got a large sufficient cage, and also you’re waiting to start out environment it up and making it comfy on your hairy potato. The very first thing you’ll want is bedding (substrate).

Hamsters are burrowing animals, so they want a deep layer of bedding to dig and create underground tunnels to cool in. They sleep of their burrow, clear of the entire risks they believe wait for them at the floor. With the ability to burrow is very important for his or her well-being.

Sadly, it’s not unusual for hamsters to be housed in cages with most effective an inch or two of bedding with out a method to burrow. In the ones circumstances, house owners continuously see their hamsters gnawing at the cage bars and beauty what the problem is. Hamsters get wired when their wishes don’t seem to be met, and they are able to’t categorical their herbal behaviors, so they begin biting the bars. Analysis has proven that hamsters dwelling in deeper bedding display considerably fewer indicators of tension, corresponding to cage biting.

How A lot Bedding to Use?

So let’s get to the specifics – how a lot bedding do hamsters want? The bedding intensity will depend on the species of hamster you could have. There’s a large distinction in dimension between dwarf species and a Syrian hamster, whilst a Chinese language hamster is someplace within the center.

  • For dwarf species and Chinese language hamsters, the minimal quantity of bedding they want is 6 inches, even if 10 inches is advisable – particularly for Chinese language hamsters, which might be just a little greater. 
  • Syrian hamsters want a minimum of 10 inches of bedding because of their dimension, however 12 inches is preferable.

Right here’s differently to take a look at it. Consider 3 hamsters positioned one over the opposite. May you bury them within the bedding? If this is the case, it must be deep sufficient. If no longer, upload extra bedding till the highest imaginary hamster is roofed.

With our hamster bedding calculator, you’ll simply calculate how a lot bedding you want to shop for on your cage, relying at the dimension of your cage and the specified bedding intensity.

What to Use as a Bedding?

Hamster house owners maximum regularly use those two choices:

  • Paper bedding
  • Aspen shavings

Hemp bedding could also be secure, even if it’s no longer very efficient at keeping burrows. You’ll use it to offer some other texture to stroll on, however easiest to stay with aspen or paper as the principle bedding.

Stay the next in thoughts when opting for which substrate to make use of on your hamster cage. The substrate must be:

  • Non-scented
  • Be capable of dangle burrows
  • Non-toxic

Blending other substrate varieties so as to add selection and other textures to engage with is at all times a good suggestion.

Nesting Subject matter

Along with the primary bedding (substrate), it’s vital to offer nesting subject material that your hamster can use to construct their nest. 

Sprinkle some cushy hay, corresponding to botanical or orchard, over their major bedding so your hamster can use it to construct their nest.

Any other just right possibility for nesting subject material is bathroom paper. Rip off a couple of bathroom paper sheets and put them within the cage. Even supposing bathroom paper isn’t very absorbent, it’s effective to make use of for nesting as hamsters don’t have a tendency to pee or poop of their nest.

Hidey Area

Hamster cage hidey house

Subsequent at the setup checklist is a hidey area that your hamster can use to cover and really feel safe whilst up at the flooring. Most of the people go for a wood area as a substitute of plastic as hamsters can safely chunk picket. 

You’ll get one with out the flooring, so you’ll simply scoop it up and blank the leftover meals or poop underneath it.

A Wheel

Hamsters spend numerous their time operating at the wheel, so it’s vital that the wheel they use is secure and will’t reason any hurt.

When opting for a wheel on your hamster, stay this in thoughts:

  • A wheel must be manufactured from cast subject material – No steel bars or mesh that may entice limbs or reason harm for your hamster’s ft.
  • A wheel must be sufficiently big – A wheel this is too small could cause again accidents in hamsters as a result of they’re at all times operating with their backs curved. Listed here are the minimal wheel sizes for each and every hamster species:
    • 8″ in diameter (20 cm) for dwarf species
    • 10″ in diameter (25 cm) for Chinese language hamsters
    • 11’’ in diameter (28 cm) for Syrian hamsters

Additionally, don’t use a flying saucer as their number one wheel within the cage, as that one isn’t a just right exchange for a standard upright wheel.

Sand Tub

Sand bath

Even supposing hamsters are extraordinarily blank animals and don’t shy clear of grooming themselves, a sand tub is helping stay their pores and skin and fur great and glossy.

Hamsters must by no means be bathed in water because it’s useless and too hectic. A sand tub works nice for disposing of the dust and oil that has gathered for your puppy’s coat.

It’s simple so as to add a sand tub for your hamster’s cage. All you want is a shallow container sufficiently big for the hamster to roll round in stuffed with hamster-safe sand.

What’s hamster-safe sand? Listed here are the choices:

  • Reptile sand – herbal colour, with out a added minerals or calcium (corresponding to Reptisand)
  • Chinchilla bathing sand
  • Kids’s play sand – warmth handled. If it’s no longer warmth handled, it must be sanitized by means of baking it within the oven for 20 min at 350°F (180°C). It’s additionally advisable to sift it thru a sifter to take away the bigger chunks that would aggravate your hamster’s pores and skin.

What sort of sand to keep away from:

  • the rest categorised as “mud” or “powder” as those are too effective and will reason respiration an infection
  • scented sand
  • clay-based sand
  • coloured sand
  • sand with added minerals or calcium

It’s possible you’ll to find that your hamster makes use of a sand tub as their bathroom, however this may make spot cleansing that a lot more uncomplicated. Should you’d wish to stay the sand tub blank, you’ll supply two sand baths in numerous portions of the cage. That means, in case your hamster does make a decision to pee and champagne in a single, it is going to stay the opposite for bathing.

Meals & Water Equipment

Whilst it’s easiest to scatter feed your hamster to inspire foraging and motion across the cage, a meals bowl can nonetheless be useful to position recent meals in in order that it doesn’t get misplaced within the bedding and damage.

For water, you’ll use both a water bowl or a bottle. Some folks suppose the use of a bowl is unsafe as hamsters can drown, however the bowls we use for water are so small there’s no means a hamster can drown in them. So whether or not you’ll use a water bottle or a small water bowl is as much as you – each are utterly secure.

Should you’re the use of a water bottle, do common inspections to test if it’s operating correctly. Bottles can get caught, and being with out water for just a few days will also be negative for your puppy’s well being.

Cage Equipment

Now that we’ve added the very important cage provides, it’s time to make the cage much more amusing and enriching by means of including other equipment starting from bridges and cork logs to tunnels and chunk toys.

It may be laborious to stay your puppy entertained as they at all times appear to have limitless power, however those equipment must lend a hand stay them occupied.

Listed here are some accent concepts for the cage.

Cage furnishings:

  • Cork logs
  • Hideouts
  • Picket bridges
  • Picket ladders
  • Tunnels
  • Platforms


  • Chunk toys
  • Herbs and foraging vegetation
  • Branches – in the event you use branches gathered outdoor, be sure the picket is secure for hamsters. The branches must even be wiped clean and dried to kill insects or parasites earlier than use. Steer clear of branches and twigs you to find close to closely used roads or that may were sprayed with chemical compounds.
  • Cardboard tubes
  • Willow balls

Nesting subject material:

  • Cushy hay, corresponding to orchard or botanical hay – sprinkle hay everywhere their cage as hamsters use it to construct their nest and nibble on it.
  • Rest room paper sheets and paper napkins – hamsters love the use of them for his or her nest.

Different equipment:

  • Rocks to document nails – if you wish to use a rock that you simply discovered outdoor, give it a just right scrub with sizzling water and cleaning soap earlier than placing it within the cage.

Dangerous Hamster Cage Setups: What To not Do

Now that we coated the entirety a hamster cage must need to stay it’s resident glad and comfortable, let’s move over some examples of dangerous hamster cage setups. The next gallery is appearing some beautiful horrible setups which can be, sadly, nonetheless continuously noticed amongst hamster house owners.

One of the most maximum not unusual errors are:

  • a cage this is means too small
  • no longer sufficient bedding (most often most effective an inch or two of bedding)
  • a kind of bedding that’s not appropriate or doesn’t permit burrowing
  • a too small wheel
  • no longer sufficient enrichment to provide hamster one thing to do

Let’s take a look at some examples on what to not do when putting in a hamster cage.

How Incessantly to Alternate Hamster Cage Setup

Hamsters lose interest simply, so you’ll alternate issues round every so often when doing a whole cage cleanout. When doing a deep blank, take note to at all times stay a minimum of ¼ in their outdated bedding to reuse within the cage. This helps to keep the hamster’s house smelling acquainted to them and prevents them from getting wired.

Should you’re the use of the advisable minimal cage dimension of 620 sq. inches, the cage must be just right for a month earlier than it must be utterly wiped clean. That’s if the cage is continuously spot wiped clean to take away any dirty bedding. You’ll take that chance to make a cage overhaul, transfer issues up, and upload some new amusing equipment.

Why a Excellent Cage Setup Is Very important for Your Puppy’s Smartly-being

Cage setup is the only factor that may take advantage of important distinction for your puppy’s high quality of existence. Keep in mind that your hamster’s cage is their complete international. They spend nearly all of the day in it, so it must be set as much as fulfill their wishes and make allowance them to specific their herbal behaviors. It must be capable to mimic their herbal habitat and supply them with an identical enrichment that they’d get within the wild.

Attempt to see issues out of your puppy’s viewpoint when putting in their cage, have their herbal habitats and behaviors in thoughts so you’ll supply a glimpse of that of their cage.

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