Licorice Root for Cats: Makes use of, Advantages, Dosage, Aspect Results, and Extra

White and orange cat in a field of purple flowers.

Licorice root would possibly soothe your sore throat, curb your sizzling flashes, and relieve irritation. However is it secure to have licorice crops, licorice tea, licorice hydrosol, licorice very important oil, or black licorice sweet round your cat? 

Licorice root is secure for many cats in low doses for a short while.

We spoke with Melissa M. Brock, a board-certified veterinarian and an animal welfare skilled at Pango Pets. She defined what sorts of licorice are most secure to your cat.

What’s licorice root? 

A portrait of licorice flowers (also known as Glycyrrhiza glabra).

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is a perennial herb within the pea circle of relatives. It has pink to pale-whitish blue flora and feathery, evergreen leaves. 

Licorice is local to western Asia and southern Europe. It grows 4-6 ft tall (1.22-1.83 meters) and 1-2 ft extensive (30.48-60.96 centimeters).

Licorice root is named “the daddy of natural medication.” It was once first utilized by Egyptians, Chinese language, and Assyrians within the Bronze Age (4000-2000 BC). Historic Greek philosophers chewed the candy herb to help digestion and soothe their sore throats. 

Romans extensively utilized licorice root to regard their abdomen ulcers, heartburn, and acid reflux disorder. Right through Ramadan, Muslims drank licorice extract to fight their thirst. French army chief Napoleon Bonaparte chewed such a lot licorice root that it became his enamel black.

Whilst licorice root is very similar to anise (Pimpinella anisum) and fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) in taste, it’s hardly ever utilized in trendy cooking. Licorice extract is a flavoring agent in chocolates, gum, toothpaste, and tobacco. 

Licorice extract is an energetic aspect in cough syrup and lozenges. It is also used as a foaming agent in beer and fireplace extinguishers.

What are the well being advantages of licorice root for cats?

Licorice root has now not been studied by means of pussycat scientists. 

Licorice root is ceaselessly beneficial for cats with Addison’s illness, hypersensitive reactions, bronchial asthma, or arthritis. It will spice up white blood cellular manufacturing and support breathing well being.

The herb additionally would possibly kill loose radicals. They’re risky atoms that harm cells and reason continual illnesses.

Licorice root is used to regard liver illness in cats. Dr. Brock says it might also support pores and skin well being, hair enlargement, and hair thickness. That can lower hairballs.

Licorice root would possibly save you the expansion of micro organism. Additionally it is used to heal ulcers and would possibly scale back abdomen acid.

Can cats devour all portions of the licorice plant?

Whilst cats can devour each a part of the licorice plant, it isn’t beneficial. “The sap from the licorice plant incorporates glycyrrhizin,” Dr. Brock says. Glycyrrhizin is a straightforward plant sugar that comes from the roots of the licorice plant. It’s poisonous to cats.

However a number of types of licorice root are secure for cats: licorice extract, licorice pills, and licorice bite sticks. The bite sticks are common as a result of they’re more straightforward for cats to devour than uncooked licorice root — which will also be very sour. Licorice root bite sticks are useful for cats with digestive problems like diarrhea or constipation. They lend a hand transfer meals via your cat’s frame and scale back irritation within the intestines.

Licorice root chews also are to be had in fish flavors like tuna and salmon.

How a lot licorice root can I give my cat?

“The beneficial dosage is between 0.25 and 1 gram in step with 10 kilos of frame weight, each day,” Dr. Brock says.

Can cats drink licorice tea?

A cup of licorice tea on a wooden cutting board.

Grownup cats and kittens can drink licorice tea. In contrast to different root natural teas, licorice root tea isn’t as earthy. Despite the fact that it has sour, salty, candy, and bitter notes. So you might have a difficult time getting your kitty to drink it.

Dr. Brock recommends the use of white, purple, and pink licorice types. Ensure that the label says licorice root or licorice extract. “Don’t use black licorice as it incorporates an aspect known as glycyrrhizin, which has been proven to reason liver harm in cats and canines that devour an excessive amount of of it.”

Give your cat 1/2 teaspoon (4.92 ml) of licorice root tea at a time with their meals or water.

Is licorice hydrosol secure for cats?

Licorice hydrosol is created by means of gently boiling licorice root extract in water. At 212°F, the water boils and turns into steam. When it turns again into water, it turns into hydrosol or floral water. The Nationwide Affiliation for Holistic Aromatherapy says licorice hydrosol has 10 drops of oil in step with 4.5 cups (1 liter) of hydrosol.

Licorice hydrosol is a brilliant addition on your cat’s skin care regimen,” Dr. Brock says. “It has a calming and calming impact that is helping with anxiousness signs. It may also be used as an anti inflammatory.”

You will have to most effective use 100% natural or natural licorice hydrosol to your pussycat good friend. Some manufacturers could have added substances which are destructive to cats. Ask your veterinarian whether or not the licorice hydrosol you need to make use of is secure to your puppy.

Is licorice very important oil secure for cats?

Licorice very important oil is secure to your cat.  It has antiseptic homes that may lend a hand save you pores and skin infections and heal wounds. It additionally is helping scale back ache or irritation led to by means of accidents.

By no means use licorice very important oil on open wounds or damaged pores and skin as a result of it could reason inflammation or an hypersensitive reaction. Your cat might also lick off any oil left on her pores and skin. Earlier than the use of licorice oil, dilute it with provider oils (e.g., coconut, sunflower, or avocado oil). Use 1 drop of natural licorice very important oil to 445 drops (1.5 tablespoons) of provider oil. 

Can my cat devour black licorice sweet? 

Black Licorice Candy

Cats are “candy blind” on account of a Tas1r gene mutation. Whilst your cat may appear to experience black licorice, it’s perhaps because of its texture or scent. In case your cat unintentionally eats black licorice sweet, it won’t hurt her. 

Maximum black licorice sweet in america is flavored with anise seed. Maximum Ecu black licorice sweet incorporates actual licorice. 

However each include licorice extract this is 10–20% glycyrrhizin. This straightforward plant sugar is 50 occasions sweeter than sucrose. In line with the American Chemical Society, it could also be greater than 150 occasions sweeter than desk sugar. 

Whilst herbal sugars like molasses are secure for cats, Glycyrrhizin can spike your cat’s blood power. It could harm her kidneys and liver. In uncommon circumstances, black licorice sweet would possibly lead to dying.

Black licorice sweet additionally incorporates flour and corn starch. Whilst those starchy binders are non-toxic, they’re exhausting for cats to digest. Black licorice sweet is lined in beeswax. This glossy substance is often utilized in pussycat cosmetics.

What are the negative effects of licorice root?

Licorice root would possibly engage with over the counter medicines or pharmaceuticals.

Don’t give licorice to cats with center illness, kidney illness, hypertension, or liver illness. You additionally will have to now not give it to pregnant or nursing cats. 

When utilized in massive doses and for prolonged sessions, licorice root can decrease the volume of potassium to your cat’s blood. This very important electrolyte sends electric indicators to the guts, nerves, and muscle groups. 

Licorice-flavored merchandise (together with gums and chocolates) include glycyrrhizin. It could reason hypertension, fluid retention, and top blood sugar. “This can result in dehydration, lethargy, or even liver failure,” Brock says. “It’s particularly bad for older cats or cats with diabetes.”

Does your cat have congestive center failure or an atypical heartbeat? Licorice can engage with loop diuretics and center medicines like Digoxin. In case your cat is harm, her blood would possibly take longer to clot. Blood clots are gel-like blobs of blood. They plug injured blood vessels and save you bleeding.

In case you are going to offer your cat licorice root as an natural complement or meals additive, talk along with your vet first.

Licorice Plant Profile 


Licorice plant/ Liquorice Plant

Medical Title

Glycyrrhiza glabra

Commonplace Names

Black Sugar, Bois Sucré (French), Commonplace Licorice, Gān Cǎo (Chinese language), Irq As-Sus (Arabic), Licorice Root, Mulethi (Punjabi), Spanish Juice, Candy Root, Candy Picket, True Licorice

Comes from

Western Asia and southern Europe

Plant kind

Perennial Herb


 No longer invasive

Draws butterflies


Drought and salt tolerant

Hearth retardant

Slope/Erosion Regulate

Deer ResistantDeer-resistant

Used to taste tobacco, chewing gum, sweet, toothpaste, and drinks

Hardiness zone

6-10 (In finding your USDA Plant Hardiness Rising Zone)



Complete solar 

Partial colour

Watering Wishes 

Moderate, water deeply all through the rising season 

Mature top

4-6 ft (1.22-1.83 meters) 

Mature unfold

1-2 ft (30.48-60.96 centimeters)

Bloom time

Past due summer season

Early fall

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