Labrador vs Golden Retriever (8 Key Variations)

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It may be tricky to make a decision which is the simpler canine for you on the subject of Labradors vs. Golden Retrievers.

For starters, Golden Retrievers and Labradors are slightly an identical in dimension, and they’re each very smart and like to be round people.

On the other hand, there are some key variations between the 2 breeds that cause them to higher suited for sure houses and existence.

Learn on to determine what makes a Labrador Retriever other from a Golden Retriever and which is the most productive canine for you!

Labrador Vs Golden Retriever

Major Variations Between Golden Retrievers vs. Labradors

The principle variations between Golden Retrievers and Labradors are:

  • Golden Retrievers are initially from Scotland, while Labradors are initially from Canada.
  • Golden Retrievers are slightly mild for his or her dimension, while Labradors are a lot heavier.
  • Golden Retrievers have a slimmer ribcage, while Labradors have a wider chest.
  • Golden Retrievers have a protracted, feathery outer coat, while Labradors have a brief, oily outer coat.
  • Golden Retrievers vary in colour from mild cream to fox-red, while Labradors are available in a number of colours.
  • Golden Retrievers are very clingy and depending on their homeowners, while Labradors are extra impartial.
  • Golden Retrievers love festival, while Labradors desire to not be in festival with others.
  • Golden Retrievers are extra wary in new eventualities, while Labradors have a tendency to head full-throttle into any new state of affairs.

Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers swimsuit other types of homeowners and dwelling eventualities.

They each require numerous love and a focus and can deliver you various pleasure!

Golden Retrievers vs. Labradors: Creation

Golden Retrievers and Labradors are two of essentially the most well-loved breeds of canines on the planet!

In truth, the Labrador ranks because the number-one favourite breed, and the Golden Retriever is available in at 3rd position (simply in the back of the German Shepherd in 2nd position) in line with surveys carried out by way of the AKC for 2021.

Those canines are each loveable, can are compatible into giant and small households, do effectively with different animals and babies, and are filled with persona.

On the other hand, as I touched on previous, there are some key variations between the 2 breeds to bear in mind. Let’s take a better have a look at the ones variations beneath.

1. Golden Retrievers vs. Labradors: Origins

Canines had been selectively bred for more than a few causes by way of people for millennia. The Golden Retriever and the Labrador are not any other–each and every breed used to be initially advanced for a selected objective.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers initially come from the Scottish Highlands within the past due 1800s. Those canines have been bred as gun canines. Extra particularly, they have been bred to have very massive but cushy and delicate mouths to rigorously retrieve prey their proprietor had shot.

The Golden Retriever’s “cushy mouth” lets them retrieve prey with out inflicting any injury to the prey animal. This makes them very helpful for duck searching, quail searching, rabbit searching, and fox searching!


Labradors have been initially bred in Canada within the mid-1800s by way of fishermen and hunters who took to the rivers and lakes to seek birds, fish, or different small mammals.

Very similar to the Golden Retriever, Labradors have been additionally bred to have massive, cushy mouths so they wouldn’t injury the prey they retrieved for his or her homeowners.

For a few years, Labradors have been principally bred as water gun canines.

They’re sturdy swimmers and have been steadily used to dive into lakes, rivers, or marshes to retrieve prey from the water.

These days, they’re nonetheless a not unusual and dependable hunter’s significant other.

2. Golden Retrievers vs. Labradors: Weight

Each Golden Retrievers and Labradors are medium-sized canines. On the other hand, because of the best way each and every canine has been bred over time, they have got relatively other moderate weights.

Golden Retriever

Goldens normally weigh in at 55 to 75 kilos on moderate.

They have been bred to be light-weight and agile to be able to transfer sooner and chase after prey their homeowners shot down on searching journeys.

This used to be as a result of their homeowners weren’t all the time 100% correct and once in a while simplest wounded the animal as a substitute of killing them.

To make sure their prey didn’t arrange to flee, hunters would ship their Golden Retrievers after them to retrieve them.


Labradors normally weigh in at 55 to 80 kilos on moderate. It’s because they have got been bred to have denser bones that cause them to heavier.

The canines’ heavy, dense bones let them dive down into water extra simply to chase after fish and geese that can be seeking to break out after being shot by way of their proprietor.

3. Golden Retrievers vs. Labradors: Construct

Goldens and Labradors glance slightly an identical in peak. On the other hand, Goldens are normally described as being extra sleek and slimmer-looking than Labradors. It’s because the 2 breeds have a relatively other bone construction of their chests.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers have narrow, slim chests. They have been bred to have this narrow chest for the reason that underbrush within the Scottish Highlands may be very dense and can also be tough to run via.

Their slim, thinner construct allowed them to chop throughout the dense underbrush and chase after fallen prey briefly.


Labradors, alternatively, have been bred to chase after prey within the water. They’ve a lot broader chests in comparison to Goldens, which makes them glance relatively stocky.

This isn’t purely a classy distinction!

Labradors’ better chests allow their lungs to make bigger extra, which lets them exchange their buoyancy.

This is helping them glide within the water with no need to paddle and waste power whilst on the lookout for their proprietor’s prey.

4. Golden Retrievers vs. Labradors: Coat

Everyone knows the everyday glance of a Golden Retriever and a Labrador.

One is long-haired, and the opposite short-haired.

This isn’t a mistake of their breeding. Those canines have been selectively bred for his or her lengthy and brief coats as they carry out explicit purposes!

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers have a dense undercoat to give protection to them in opposition to the freezing climate of the Scottish Highland winters.

Apparently, even though, their lengthy outer coats have little or no to do with holding them heat.

The Golden Retriever’s lengthy, feathered outer coat used to be if truth be told designed to give protection to them as they ran throughout the brambles and different thorny plants from scratching their subtle pores and skin.


Labradors actually have a dense undercoat to give protection to them from the freezing Canadian winters and icy chilly water.

On best in their undercoat is a thick, brief outer coat of fur this is relatively oily to touch. This oily outer coat acts as a barrier in opposition to water.

This oily outer coat repels moisture and protects the Labrador’s undercoat from changing into saturated when the canines would fetch prey from rivers, lakes, and different our bodies of water.

5. Golden Retrievers vs. Labradors: Shade

There has a tendency to be numerous confusion over the color of Labradors and Golden Retrievers.

Some other people imagine the breeds are so an identical that they arrive in the similar colours. In truth, even though, the 2 breeds each and every have their very own distinct vary of coat colours.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers have a small colour vary and not using a visual markings of their coat. They’re born an excessively mild cream colour, and as they age, they flip a extra golden colour or finally end up as what’s referred to as ‘fox-red.’

A fox-red Golden Retriever is a reddish, burnt rust or auburn colour. There are not any black, grey, brindled, or noticed purebred Golden Retrievers.

As Goldens grow older, their coat colour step by step deepens right into a darker golden or fox-red colour, and they don’t move grey!


Purebred Labradors simplest are available in 3 other colours.

They are able to be a mild creamy yellow colour, brown (which is sometimes called chocolate), or black.

Labradors would not have any visual patches, spots, stripes, or markings of their coats.

Labradors’ coats don’t exchange a lot as they age. The coat colour they’re born with is normally the colour they’re going to keep.

On the other hand, they’re going to increase grey hairs which might be targeted across the muzzle and eyes as they get older.

6. Golden Retrievers vs. Labradors: Dependence On People

When selecting what form of canine you need in your house, it’s advisable to think twice about their temperament and the way depending on you they’re going to be.

Some canines are extremely needy by way of nature and can want you to be house so much, whilst different breeds are a lot more laid-back and impartial.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers surely fall into the “clingy/needy” class.

They want their people to be round steadily, and they’re happiest after they get common bodily consideration within the type of cuddles, video games, walks, and puzzles.

Sadly, this additionally method Goldens are susceptible to growing separation anxiousness if they aren’t skilled in moderation or their regimen is interrupted they usually endure some roughly trauma.

Be mindful, too, that those canines are extremely clever, and they are able to turn into similarly damaging in the event that they really feel deserted or are allowed to turn into bored.


Labradors are way more impartial canines in comparison to Golden Retrievers.

They’re glad to make their very own a laugh and video games, run outdoor by way of themselves, and normally is not going to increase separation anxiousness as simply as Goldens or different in a similar way clingy breeds.

On the other hand, they’re additionally very smart and will nonetheless turn into damaging if they’re allowed to turn into bored and aren’t exercised steadily.

7. Golden Retrievers vs. Labradors: Trainability And Competitiveness

Each breeds of canines have been bred to be very lively and clever and to accomplish explicit jobs for his or her human partners. Consequently, each breeds are extremely trainable and task-oriented. 

On the other hand, the best way each and every breed has a tendency to head about finishing those duties, particularly when met with festival, may be very other from one some other.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are extremely aggressive by way of nature and love a problem. They’re other people pleasers and can repeatedly attempt to to find techniques to realize your approval.

This implies they’re going to attempt to out-compete different canines on your affection and a focus, particularly when you have given them a job to do.

Thankfully, that is all in just right a laugh, as they’re glad pack animals and don’t show aggression in additional aggressive settings.


Labradors, alternatively, don’t like festival and will turn into slightly grouchy and disenchanted in the event that they repeatedly need to compete with different canines on your affection, consideration, or project of entirety.

In contrast to Goldens, those canines like to paintings on my own when they have got been given a role to do and can eagerly call for their reward whether or not you’ve gotten time for it or now not.

8. Golden Retrievers vs. Labradors: General Temperament

Sooner than selecting which breed you need to deliver into your house, some of the necessary issues you want to make a decision on is which breed suits your way of life the most productive.

Golden Retrievers and Labradors have very other personalities and are compatible higher into sure houses and circle of relatives buildings.

Golden Retriever

Goldens have very wary temperaments. They don’t run head-first right into a state of affairs earlier than in moderation interested by and seeking to remedy the issue of their heads. 

Whilst their Golden Retrievers are weighing up the professionals and cons of a state of affairs, some much less affected person homeowners steadily become bored with ready and power their canines right into a place the place they have got now not made up our minds if they’re at ease or now not.

It will make Goldens extra frightened and unnecessarily wary through the years.


Labradors, alternatively, are an ‘act first, suppose later’ roughly canine.

They’ll enthusiastically run into with regards to any state of affairs earlier than deciding if it is secure, horrifying, or suitable to take action.

This works splendidly in case you reside an lively lifestyles and will probably be taking your Labrador on all of your adventures. That is one thing they’re instinctively glad to do!

When you have a extra reserved and laid-back persona, even though, this conduct can also be onerous.

FAQs About Golden Retrievers vs. Labradors

Do Labradors and Golden Retrievers shed an identical quantity?

Each Labradors and Golden Retrievers shed kind of an identical quantity of hair.

Each breeds shed frivolously all over the 12 months and can have a major dropping season all over spring as they lose their very heavy wintry weather undercoat.

Each breeds will wish to be brushed two to a few instances every week to forestall their undercoats from changing into raveled and compacted, which will briefly turn into very painful for the canine.

We’ve had many Labs and Goldens come via our area and usually the volume they shed is the same. On the other hand, personally I’ve had Labs and Goldens that shed kind of than others.

Two issues I’d point out about canines and dropping:

  1. Golden fur is for much longer than Lab fur so it is going to seem {that a} Golden sheds greater than a Lab.
  2. Relying at the colour of your canine and your decor you may even see kind of fur in your house. For example, my first canine used to be a black Lab combine and I had black inner in my automobile. I spotted little or no fur within the automobile however plenty of fur at house.

Which breed is more uncomplicated to coach, Labradors or Golden Retrievers?

Goldens and Labs are each very clever canines, which makes them simple to coach.

Each breeds are used as running canines in addition to provider animals, as they’re simple to coach and can stick with their coaching.

Are you able to combine Labradors and Golden Retrievers?

Sure! Labradors and Golden Retrievers had been bred with one some other for many years.

A mix of a Golden and Lab offers you a Goldador! Those canines mix the most productive of each species into one package deal.

To learn extra about this hybrid canine, take a look at my devoted article at the Golden Retriever Lab combine!

A large number of provider canine colleges are blending Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers to check out and get the most productive characteristics of each canines for the easiest running provider canine.

Rolling Over On Golden Retrievers vs Labradors… 

Labradors and Golden Retrievers are two of essentially the most well-loved canines on the planet! They’re each very clever, vigorous, trainable, and love their households fiercely.

Neither canine is essentially “higher” than the opposite–they simply swimsuit various kinds of canine homeowners with other existence.

There are a number of key variations between the 2 breeds you’ll be able to discuss with when figuring out which one higher fits your individual way of life and personal tastes. To recap, the diversities are:

  • Their origins
  • Their dimension
  • Their chest dimension
  • Their outer coats
  • Their coloring
  • Their degree of independence
  • Their degree of competitiveness
  • Their temperament

Excellent good fortune choosing the proper canine for you!

Optimistically, this newsletter has helped you make a choice from those two superb breeds.

Remember to in moderation imagine all the breeds’ traits earlier than deciding which matches into your lifestyles best possible.

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