It Was Love At First Sniff For These Smiley Golden Siblings

Boomer and Bella are two perfectly precious Golden Retrievers who’ve amassed more than thirty thousand fans between their YouTube channel and Instagram page. And it’s no wonder why followers love them. They’re just happy dogs who love to smile!

This sweet pair has been together since their parents brought eight-week-old baby Bella home to her one-and-a-half-year-old big brother, Boomer. When the pair first met, it was an adorable moment that would be the beginning of a beautiful bond!

The pair’s proud parents captured the moment of meeting between brother and sister and shared the two-minute clip on YouTube. Since it was posted, the cute dog video has been seen more than sixteen million times, proving the internet loves adorable dogs! And this pair is just golden!


Love at First Sniff

When little Bella first came home to Boomer, their parents wanted to surprise him with his baby sister’s arrival. So, their mom slipped Bella puppy into a bag while their dad tried to distract Boomer from what was going on in the garage.

screenshot, BoomerTube/YouTube

While he was happy to see his dad, the smart Golden boy knew something was up and kept tossing glances at the garage door. His dad tries to explain that Boomer and his new sis Bella share biological parents, but the two were born in separate litters. But Boomer isn’t listening. He’s busy staring at the garage door as dad talks, patiently waiting for what’s coming.

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screenshot, BoomerTube/YouTube

To Boomer’s sweet relief, in comes Mom with baby Bella in the bag! Right away, Boomer is all tail wags and happy sniffs. Bella busts her way out of the bag, and Boomer is there at her every step. While overwhelmed, the little girl is still excited to meet her big bro, and her baby tail wags show it!


Buddies Forever

Since their moment of love at first sniff, Boomer and Bella have been best buddies. Where one goes, the other makes a golden shadow! Whether napping, playing in the yard, dressing up in fun costumes, or even making a mess, Boomer and Bella are happy to be together.


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They’re a beautiful pair of Goldens with two of the happiest smiles you’ll ever see! Keep up with Boomer and Bella on YouTube and Instagram.

Feature Image: BoomerTube/YouTube & @boomer.and.bella/Instagram

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