Humidity For Mealworms

Like all insects meal worms want a dampness to thrive and reproduce. There is a ton of details out there on the world wide web on this topic. In our a long time of breeding bugs we have tried using all the techniques of giving moisture. Incorporating water immediately to the substrate will cause mould and get rid of your colony. We have labored out various techniques to efficiently give dampness to our meal worm colonies.

Initial you can use a basic paper towel folded in 50 percent or quarters, add some water and squeeze out the extra. Put the paper towel on the top of the substrate. This can even now cause mould. So you have to have to leave the top off the meal worm tray. Check out the meal worm colony often and make guaranteed there is no mould. Now the finest way to give moisture is from sliced veggies. We have been utilizing potato slices or complete carrots.

The food worms get their dampness right from the vegetables and receive nutritional value as well. In a several days all you will need to do is dig through the substrate and take away the dried veggies. In the past several a long time we have found out what we think is the very best humidity supply there is.

The nopal cactus (opunita streptacantha). We slice the nopal cactus pads into strips and area these on best of the substrate. When the worms are concluded the only detail left is the thin skin of the cactus. This species of cactus has handful of thorns and the couple there are can be removed easily with a knife. We have experienced definitely no problems with mildew and have uncovered that the food worms consume the cactus before any other moisture source. If you have entry to nopal cactus we strongly suggest seeking it as a dampness resource for your meal worms.

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