Guinea Pig Provides Record: 25 Very important & Not obligatory Provides for Your New Pets

Adopting a brand new puppy may also be each disturbing and thrilling! There’s such a lot to do to organize in your bushy buddies. 

I’m hoping to take away the disturbing phase altogether via offering a whole listing of the entirety it’s possible you’ll want—or need!—ahead of bringing your guinea pigs house.

The elemental provides for guinea pigs come with a big sufficient cage, bedding, water bottles, hides, and somewhere to place their hay. Your guinea pigs may also want timothy hay, contemporary veggies, and simple, hay-based guinea pig pellets. A primary-aid equipment, provider, and grooming provides are only a few different necessities.

Stay studying to be told extra about which provides guinea pigs want, and learn how to break your new bushy buddies!

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A Buddy

One of the vital first belongings you’ll want in your guinea pig is a chum. Guinea pigs may also be followed in bonded pairs or teams, or followed one after the other and bonded in combination.

For those who’re a first-time proprietor, studying what bonding seems like is necessary. Many customary behaviors may also be intimidating to people, however they’re crucial for guinea pigs to get to understand one every other and determine a hierarchy. Keeping apart your guinea pigs with out want can injury their bond.

Keep in mind that guinea pigs having a minimum of one pal isn’t non-compulsory—it’s necessary to their wellbeing as social creatures!

A Huge Cage / Enclosure

C&C guinea pig cage after cleansing (hay to be added)

A cage of seven.5 sq. toes is the minimal dimension for 2 guinea pigs to reside in combination—and a guinea pig must nearly by no means live to tell the tale their very own!

After all, that is the naked minimal, and we propose buying the most important cage you’ll that can are compatible together with your house and finances. We want to peer pair of piggies given 10.5 sq. toes or extra, as they thrive in greater set-ups.

As well as, men want extra space than women folk, and are much more likely to combat if no longer given enough space.

No. of Guinea Pigs Minimal Dimension Most popular Dimension
2 7.5 sq. feet. 10.5 sq. feet.
3 10.5 sq. feet. 13 sq. feet.
4 13 sq. feet. 16 sq. feet.
5 16 sq. feet. 19 sq. feet.
Have greater than 5 cavies? Take a look at our guinea pig cage dimension chart.

Sadly, the vast majority of puppy retailer cages don’t are compatible this minimal requirement.

A Midwest cage is a smart start line, particularly as a result of two may also be joined in combination to provide your piggies double the minimal house.

C&C Cages

Alternatively, we want C&C cages—which is able to both be purchased or home made. C&C stands for garage cubes and Coroplast, which is one of those corrugated plastic this is used to line the ground of the cage.

Home made, those cages may also be moderately reasonable. Even higher, they are able to be formed then again you prefer and expanded indefinitely. That is superior for novices who later in finding that they need to give their guinea pigs extra space.

A Playpen (Not obligatory)

Many of us use pop-up playpens covered with fleece to provide their guinea pigs ground time out of doors of the cage. That is non-compulsory, and no longer all guinea pigs will revel in it—particularly as they’re first settling into their new house.

You’ll give your piggies ground time with out a playpen so long as you piggy-proof the gap and supervise them continuously. Alternatively, playpens enable you to stay your guinea pigs contained and secure.

Disposable or Reusable Bedding

You’ll want both disposable or reusable bedding to line your guinea pig’s cage. Guinea pigs poop and pee continuously because of their rapid metabolisms, and having one thing to soak up the wetness is a would have to.

Bedding choices to choose between come with:

  • Fleece liners
  • Fleece material or blankets with an absorbent layer underneath (the do-it-yourself model of a fleece liner)
  • Noodle bathtub mats
  • Paper bedding
  • Aspen shavings
  • Kiln-dried pine shavings
  • Hemp bedding

It’s necessary to steer clear of destructive fabrics like cedar and non kiln-dried pine. Disposable pet pads as your absorbent layer also are dangerous, as your guinea pig can devour them in the event that they move slowly underneath the fleece.

If you select reusable fleece bedding, it’s necessary to wick the fleece correctly in order that liquid soaks throughout the fleece and into the absorbent layer. This might be towels or reusable pet pee pads.

Reusable bedding is extra eco-friendly and prices much less within the lengthy haul. Alternatively, it’s extra of an funding when first purchasing and calls for doing further laundry.

Disposable bedding would have to be a minimum of 2-3 inches deep in order that liquid can soak up into the ground layer, leaving the highest dry. It’s necessary that the highest of your bedding is dry in order that your guinea pigs aren’t sitting in their very own urine.

Disposable bedding can higher cover guinea pig poops as they combine in with the bedding, reasonably than at all times sitting proper on best. It’s additionally less expensive to begin with, however the associated fee temporarily provides up through the years. Some other people want disposable bedding as a result of they don’t need to do as a lot guinea pig laundry.

Hides and Tunnels (At Least One In line with Pig)

Guinea pig tunnels and hides

Every guinea pig wishes a minimum of one cover. This can be a hidey area, tunnel, fleece woodland, or perhaps a cardboard field with a door lower out! I additionally suggest offering one further cover to be secure. Having sufficient assets can lend a hand to forestall squabbling, particularly when you have two boars.

Every other approach, particularly when introducing new pigs, is to use simplest hides with a number of entrances. This fashion, they are able to’t block each and every different within and it’s more straightforward to flee in the event that they start to combat for the gap.

Tunnels and different multiple-entrance hides also are nice for the center of the cage, the place they are able to be put with out taking over treasured operating house. It’s perfect to stay single-entrance hides to the edges or corners of the cage in order that they’re out of the best way. 

Toys (Not obligatory)

For guinea pigs, toys are non-compulsory. Some will chunk on toys, whilst others received’t even take a look at them!

Guinea pig toys must at all times be product of herbal fabrics that may be safely ingested. Toys product of wooden or compressed hay are my favorites!

One Water Bottle or Bowl In line with Pig

Some pairs do ok with one water bottle, nevertheless it’s at all times perfect to have a minimum of one in step with guinea pig. This fashion, they are able to’t prevent one every other from ingesting or get territorial over the water.

You’ll additionally use water bowls in your cage, however I in my opinion dislike them as they wish to be continuously refilled. Your guinea pigs will most likely kick their poop, pellets, hay, and bedding into the water dish often.

Meals Bowls (Not obligatory)

Guinea pig bowls and toys

Meals bowls are non-compulsory for guinea pigs. Some other people make a choice to scatter feed pellets and veggies, which is superb for enrichment!

For those who go for meals bowls, be sure each and every piggy has their very own. Like with water bottles and hides, this is helping to forestall territorial conduct and guarding of assets.

More than one Hay Feeders

There are lots of techniques to feed your guinea pigs hay. Hay feeders, hay luggage, muddle bins, and easily piling hay within the cage are all nice choices.

For those who use a hay feeder or bag, be sure the holes are sufficiently big in your guinea pig’s complete frame to suit within simply. This may occasionally save you them from getting their heads caught, which is able to injure and even kill them!

Like scatter feeding, giving your guinea pig piles of hay to burrow via is a smart enrichment job for them. Simply understand that you’ll undergo extra hay this manner; guinea pigs received’t devour hay that’s been trampled or peed on.

A Litterbox or “Kitchen” (Not obligatory)

Some other people make a choice to arrange a litterbox or “kitchen” house for his or her guinea pigs’ hay. Many of us who use fleece will use disposable bedding within the litterbox house, regardless that no longer at all times.

As a result of guinea pigs have rapid metabolisms, they do maximum in their pooping and peeing the place they devour. Hay is 80% in their nutrition, so that they must be consuming it continuously all over the day.

Having a kitchen or litterbox house accommodates a significant portion of the mess, making spot cleanings more straightforward. A just right addition to that is so as to add smaller fleece pads underneath your guinea pigs’ hides, in order that you don’t have to modify all of the liner when the ones spaces transform saturated.

Timothy or Different Grass Hay

Guinea pig hay

A top quality timothy hay or different secure grass hay is a would have to for guinea pigs. Hay is over 80% of a guinea pig’s nutrition, and so they would have to have a great amount of their cage all the time.

The general public go for timothy hay except they’ve allergic reactions. On this case, orchard grass may be nice for piggies—regardless that normally extra pricey. You’ll additionally combine secure hays to offer some a laugh selection on your guinea pigs’ nutrition.

Keep away from alfalfa hay for grown guinea pigs, because it accommodates an excessive amount of calcium and protein.

Along with consuming, guinea pigs love burrowing via their hay and can most likely pee on it as smartly, if it’s at the ground of the cage.

Hay-Based totally Guinea Pig Pellets

Guinea pig pellets

A top quality guinea pig pellet will complement your guinea pig with further vitamins, more or less like human nutrients. Alternatively, they’re by no means a substitute for day-to-day greens.

Pellets must include simplest simple, brown pellets—no seeds, dyes, or different components. Whilst those blends glance uninteresting to the human eye, they comprise the entirety your piggy must thrive.

Every guinea pig must be fed not more than 1/8 of a cup of pellets an afternoon except you’re recommended differently via your veterinarian.

Recent Greens

Guinea pig eating vegetables

Guinea pigs want one cup of day-to-day contemporary greens every day. That is the place they get a lot in their vitamins, together with nutrition C, which guinea pigs don’t produce on their very own.

Your guinea pig’s veggies must essentially include darkish, leafy vegetables akin to romaine lettuce, parsley, kale, and cilantro. Your pets additionally want veggies wealthy in nutrition C akin to bell peppers each day.

Keep away from feeding an excessive amount of sugar or calcium. Even supposing piggies may have occasional end result, carrots, and veggies which are extra calcium-rich, they shouldn’t be fed day-to-day. 

Treats (Not obligatory)

Treats for guinea pigs are non-compulsory, however a laugh to feed! Treats may also be contemporary or dried fruit (with out added sugar or further substances), forage mixes made for guinea pigs, or different pig-safe meals.

Guinea pigs don’t want further salt, so steer clear of salt licks. Dairy may be dangerous for them, so any yogurt-based treats are a no-go. Many merchandise are advertised towards guinea pigs, however aren’t in truth secure for them—so it’s necessary to investigate substances your self ahead of buying the rest new.

A Provider or Small Cage for Go back and forth

Guinea pigs aren’t the type of pets you convey on holiday, however they do wish to commute now and again. This comprises while you convey your piggies house, transfer area, or seek advice from the veterinarian.

A small puppy provider, a cat provider, or perhaps a small puppy retailer cage all paintings for touring together with your guinea pig. Make sure to fill the provider with hay ahead of taking your guinea pig any place, as they want get entry to to it continuously.

To stay your piggies secure within the automotive, strap their provider in with a seat belt. I’ve in my opinion wrapped the seatbelt round a big cat provider with my guineas within, and in addition hooked the seatbelt throughout the strap of smaller carriers.

Keep away from striking your guinea pig within the passenger seat, as they might be injured or killed if the airbags cross off within the automotive.

Even though it’s no longer one thing everybody thinks about, we at all times need our pets to be secured in case of an coincidence, too!

Nail Trimmers

Guinea pig nail trimmers

I in my opinion have at all times used cat nail trimmers on my guinea pigs. Alternatively, some other people swear via human nail clippers.

It comes all the way down to desire, so I like to recommend attempting each and every to peer what’s absolute best for you. Additionally, you should definitely be told learn how to clip your guinea pigs’ nails safely in order that you don’t lower into the fast of the nail, which can bleed and motive your piggy ache.

Guinea Pig Shampoo

Assuming you could have a guinea pig with hair, it’s a good suggestion to have guinea pig shampoo readily available.

I in my opinion want the use of an anti-fungal shampoo such because the Davis Miconazole Puppy Shampoo, which can be utilized as a preventative to prevent your guinea pigs from creating fungal infections. It additionally is helping to transparent an an infection if they’ve one already—regardless that if you happen to suspect a well being downside, it’s at all times perfect to seek advice from a vet.

Be mindful to simply shower your guinea pigs as-needed, and not various instances a 12 months.

Coconut Oil

When you have a thin pig, or a hairless guinea pig, it’s no longer really useful that you simply shower them generally. As an alternative, most of the people use coconut oil frequently to moisturize and blank their pores and skin.

Coconut oil may be nice to have round for furry guinea pigs. It may be used to softly take away particles and as a moisturizer.

Scissors or Puppy Clippers (for Lengthy-Haired Piggies)

Lengthy-haired piggies continuously require trimming, both for sanitary causes, to make grooming more straightforward, or to take away disheveled fur.

You’ll additionally use puppy clippers with a guard to shorten your piggy’s hair when crucial.

Comb (for Lengthy-Haired Piggies)

Guinea pig supplies - comb

In case your guinea pig has lengthy hair, a steel comb is a must have. Comb via their fur at least one time each and every few days to verify they don’t increase tangles or painful mats.

Kitchen Scale

A kitchen scale that measures in grams is without doubt one of the maximum necessary portions of a guinea pig first-aid equipment. It’s really useful that you simply carry out well being exams at least one time a month on each and every guinea pig, and one step is to report their weight.

In case your piggy loses greater than 50 grams in one week, see a veterinarian as weight reduction is continuously the primary signal of a well being downside.

First-Assist Package

Guinea pigs are most often secure as a result of they’re saved in our houses. Alternatively, they do face some dangers, together with accidents via their cage mate, hay pokes, and parasites carried indoors via hay or different pets.

Right here are a few things to stay on your first-aid equipment:

  • Vital care – Guinea pigs can cross into GI stasis, a life-threatening situation, in the event that they don’t devour for 12 or extra hours. Vital care may also be force-fed by the use of syringe to stay their metabolism going.
  • Liquid nutrition C – By no means put this on your guinea pig’s water, however it may be syringe-fed if they’ve a deficiency
  • Styptic powder or flour – Stops bleeds, in particular if you happen to lower into the fast when trimming nails
  • Syringes – For medicines or vital care feeding
  • Saline – To scrub wounds
  • Bandages
  • Q-tips – For cleansing eyes, ears, or wounds

Vet Health facility Numbers

Sooner than you undertake guinea pigs, please analysis unique puppy veterinarians on your house and speak to to verify they’re taking new sufferers. New pets must at all times have a check-up upon adoption.

Stay one to 2 relied on veterinarians on your telephone contacts along any emergency clinics within the house that take guinea pigs. You’ll wish to name first to test, as many emergency vets unfortunately received’t take unique pets.

Having those numbers on-hand can save much-needed time in an emergency.

Emergency Financial savings or Puppy Insurance coverage

Veterinary prices are an important a part of having guinea pigs. They must obtain a check-up at least one time every year, and would possibly want further care if they fall ill.

For example, one in all my guinea pigs ended up seeing the vet each and every few months towards the tip of his existence because of sickness.

Having both an emergency financial savings account in your piggies or puppy insurance coverage will be sure that you’ll convey them to the vet when important.

Cleansing Provides for Guinea Pigs’ Cage

Your guinea pigs’ cage will wish to be spot-cleaned as soon as day-to-day and wiped clean out totally one to 2 instances per week. Listed below are the provides you’ll want:

  • Diluted vinegar (can be utilized to wipe the cage blank frequently or left for 30 minutes to take away cussed stains)
  • Paper towels
  • A small sweeper and dustpan or vacuum
  • Unscented laundry detergent
  • Mesh laundry luggage for laundry fleece
  • A broom to take away fur and hay from fleece fabrics
  • A bottle brush and q-tips to wash water bottles

That concludes our listing of essentially the most crucial provides for guinea pigs. There are such a large amount of techniques to handle piggies, so regardless that a few of these pieces are non-compulsory, we are hoping they’ve given you a concept of what you’ll wish to stay your piggies satisfied and wholesome!

Be mindful to spend money on the fundamentals first – piggies will love any fancy cover you give them, however they’d even be proud of a cardboard field if it intended making an investment in additional cage house, a good friend, or top quality hay as a substitute.

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