Guinea Pig Diarrhea Treatment method

Guinea Pig Diarrhea Treatment method

Diarrhea is a quite widespread condition in guinea pigs. But it just isn’t ordinarily major and can be remedied quickly with the suitable form of procedure.


Guinea pig diarrhea is liquid and in some cases runny, and often comfortable. It is extremely distinguishable from standard feces which are rounded and hard. Diarrhea is often accompanied by a selection of other indicators. You may possibly see that the cavy isn’t feeding on as a great deal as typical, is demonstrating symptoms of suffering in the belly space and is getting difficulty acquiring as a result of each day things to do.

If you uncover that the diarrhea is pretty regular or that it smells really terrible, you really should rush your pet to a vet promptly. This might be a significant situation and you must address it urgently in these kinds of a time, you could also locate the pig emotion incredibly weak or inactive.

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Diarrhea is ordinarily induced by indigestion owing to feeding on the mistaken meals, and is just not too really hard to handle. Even so, it can also be triggered by a host of other components which, although not as common, pose a serious threat. A person of these will cause is parasites: micro organism or fungus can often be ingested with food items and lead to diarrhea.

Ironically, diarrhea can be also brought about by medicine. If your pig is at this time currently being addressed for any ailment with prescription drugs, those people could pretty very well be the trigger as well. A single other prevalent trigger is not taking in plenty of hay. Hay is very important in preserving the digestive wellbeing of your guinea pig and a lack of it will just about unquestionably guide to diarrhea.


The initially point to do is quit feeding your pig fruits and greens. Right up until the diarrhea is gone, the pig need to generally eat timothy hay (with maybe some foodstuff pellets) and consume plenty of h2o. You need to personally make absolutely sure that foodstuff and h2o are currently being ingested, or hand-feed if required. It is important to retain the pig fed and effectively hydrated at this time.

If you have not presently, you need to be filling your cavy’s cage with an abundance of new hay this is very important is that contains the diarrhea. Some of the hay could have gotten spoilt and may have induced the issue in the first area, so if you can, you should really substitute all the hay with a refreshing batch.

You need to be able to see a drastic enhancement inside a day. If you really don’t, get it as a severe issue and see the vet instantly.

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