Grease Balls for the Birds: Feeding Birds in Wintertime

If you dwell in the Northern Hemisphere then you will know by now that wintertime is only a stone’s throw away. That signifies freezing chilly days and evenings, ice, frost and in some circumstances heaps of snow. After winter season does get there and you are cosy and heat in the dwelling do you at any time take into consideration the animals and birds that dwell, try to eat and snooze outside the house? Well you need to and in certain the wild birds that fly in and about the back garden all year-spherical.

Do you feed the birds in wintertime? If you do, and I know many of you do, do you make your individual grease balls? Well, creating your have chook feed for back garden birds is a excellent notion as you can incorporate what ever seeds like flower seeds you have spare, nuts and other components you like then blend them all alongside one another. But to get the elements to adhere collectively what do you use? Effectively read through on for my guidelines on producing greaseballs which will retain individuals wild birds fed all wintertime extended, and it won’t seriously price you that much.

What to Feed Wild Birds

These are just some of the substances you can use when generating the excellent snack in wintertime for your feathered pals. I use all these and commonly all at when but the alternative is yours, use no matter what you have lying all over. A further suggestion is to conserve factors all calendar year-spherical. Seeds and nuts will continue to keep so will muesli and oats offered they are stored in an air restricted container and somewhere dim and great. These components by itself would assure to catch the attention of wild birds in winter season.

  • Chicken seed
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Dry bread
  • Biscuits
  • Muesli
  • Previous cooking oil
  • Oats. A related alternative is porridge oats
  • Cornflakes

Previous cooking oil I hear you say? Properly certainly. If you have a chip pan or deep extra fat fryer when you clean them out preserve the oil. I have a huge 10 litre drum which I pour aged oil into it and then maintain it outdoors in close proximity to the door. Depart it out there with a lid on until eventually wintertime them use it for the balls. It will save on making use of unwanted fat, margarine or other factors to get your grease balls to adhere, and you are recycling at the exact time.

Other Utensils to Think about

  • Previous mixing bowl
  • Previous mixing spoon
  • Rubber or surgical gloves

It can be Accurate, it really is Correct

Certainly it is really genuine, the wild birds all-around the place I reside are superior fed than me in winter season! No surprise there are hundreds all lining up in the early morning waiting around for their breakfast!


  • Get the corn flakes, oats and muesli and crush into powder or small items. As a guide I check out to get the oats on the lookout like prepared brek.
  • Acquire the bread and break up into smaller items. If I have a lump of bread I will grate it with a cheese grater.
  • Crush the biscuits then add all the things together with the seeds into a large mixing bowl. It’s finest to use an aged 1 you no lengthier use or go to a affordable shop and obtain a inexpensive just one for that purpose.
  • Combine the substances alongside one another and gradually include the cooking oil until finally the elements stick with each other.

Now will come the sticky component and that is why you ought to dress in gloves.

  • Take a lump of the combination and squeeze with each other into a ball. If it sticks when you open your hand then it is really okay, if it falls aside retain mixing and incorporate a tiny a lot more oil. You want it so every thing sticks collectively devoid of becoming soaked.
  • As soon as you are satisfied with the consistency make a ball and place inside the netting then protected. You can use all sorts to protected the netting which includes electrical ties, bread stoppers, or an old coat hanger like I use.

Preserve for a Winters Working day

As for the netting to set the grease balls in do you help save them the moment they are empty? Once again I do and reuse them. I also help save the netting that you get fruit and veggies in at the supermarket entirely for this objective, just make certain the holes in the internet are not as well modest or big. To set them on the tree I use an outdated coat hanger which is bent at equally ends. Just thread 1 conclude as a result of the netting then the other conclude hooks on a tree branch.

And there you have it. Feeding birds in winter season with do-it-yourself grease balls for all the wild birds will expense you fewer than you assume. At the time they are exterior and the resident wild birds convey to their pals there is certainly foods in your backyard you will see a massive improve of birds all clambering for a tasty morsel. These are great and straightforward chicken feeders kids can make so why not get them involved as well? It really is a fantastic way of introducing them to the wildlife all over them.

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