Fence combating with the neigbours canine – tips on how to prevent it!

5 Techniques to Prevent Canine Fence Preventing


Having a fenced yard on your canine to run and play in is the dream of many puppy oldsters, however that dream can briefly develop into hassle in the event you proportion a fence with any other canine. Fence combating can continuously be flawed for enjoying, but it surely’s competitive habits that must be resolved briefly. 

Learn on to be told extra about what fence combating is, what reasons it, and the way you’ll prevent fence aggression to your canine. 

What’s Canine Fence Preventing?

Canine fence combating occurs when there are two canine on reverse aspects of a barrier, generally a fence between two adjoining homes. Canines experiencing fence aggression generally bark, lunge, and may also try to climb the fence. 


Even canine that display no indicators of reactivity towards canine in a special environment might all of sudden display those signs when a barrier is put between them and any other canine. 

There are two not unusual reasons of canine fence combating: barrier frustration and territorial instincts.

Barrier Frustration 

Barrier frustration is a phenomenon that occurs when a canine is gifted with a stimulus however the get admission to to that stimulus is blocked.

Your canine is proven any other canine at the different aspect of the fence, however they’ve no means of if truth be told interacting with that canine. On account of this, your canine will get pissed off and that may briefly snowball into aggression. 


The cause on your canine’s fence aggression additionally doesn’t need to be visible—it may be caused by way of the sound of any other canine as smartly. 

Territorial Instincts

Many canine really feel an instinctual want to give protection to and protect what they really feel is their territory. 

When your canine sees or hears any other canine throughout the fence, they don’t remember the fact that the barrier is dividing two other homes. As an alternative, they really feel just like the peculiar canine is invading their house, they usually flip to competitive behaviors as a way of self-defense. 

The fence acts as a barrier between the 2 canine which most effective amplifies your canine’s nervousness and frustration. 

Find out how to Prevent Fence Preventing Habits in Canines

In case your canine is lately engaged in a fence combat together with your neighbor’s canine, it’s essential to take steps to right kind the habits as briefly as conceivable. Listed here are 5 tactics to assist prevent your canine’s fence-fighting habits. 

  • Paintings on Obedience Coaching

Step one in opposition to curtailing any undesirable habits to your canine is to ascertain a cast basis of coaching.

When canine are engaged in fence combating, they’re most probably smartly over their threshold for finding out and listening, so it may be tricky to get their consideration. 

Operating together with your canine on elementary instructions, particularly in a distracting atmosphere, mean you can get your canine’s consideration sooner and even save you the fence combating within the first position with a preemptive command. 

Essential obedience instructions to paintings together with your canine on come with sit down, keep, and a competent recall. 

As soon as your canine has a cast working out of elementary instructions, you’ll transfer directly to any other essential coaching ability: impulse keep watch over. 

Impulse keep watch over is your canine’s skill to prevent and take into consideration a habits fairly than performing on their first intuition. Conventional impulse keep watch over coaching comes to instructing a “depart it” command that you’ll use to stay your doggy from selecting up probably poisonous pieces off the bottom. 

The similar idea of “depart it” can also be implemented to different scenarios the place you wish to have your canine to follow keep watch over, like no longer reacting in your neighbor’s canine after they listen them within the yard. 

To to start with teach the command, you’ll want some high-value treats. Position a deal with within the open palm of your hand and stay up for your canine to move after it. Right away shut your hand to stay the deal with out of your canine.

Open your hand once more, and watch your canine’s response. In the event that they hesitate to achieve for it, praise your canine with the deal with. Praise them for brief hesitations to start with, then slowly construct the period. 

When your canine understands “depart it,” you’ll paintings on translating the command into different scenarios. For instance, inform your canine to “depart it” in the event that they begin to bark at your neighbor’s canine. If the barking stops, even for a small second, praise them.

  • Stay Your Canine Leashed within the Yard at First
  • Commercials

Whilst it’s tempting to let your canine run loose within the yard, it’s onerous to paintings on coaching new behaviors with out additionally controlling your canine’s atmosphere. 

Preventing fence combating behaviors calls for constant certain reinforcement and counter-conditioning coaching. In case your canine can run out into the yard, they are able to simply run as much as the fence, get started barking, and undo the growth you’ve made with their coaching as much as that time. 

As an alternative, take your canine out on a leash when the opposite canine is within the yard. Get started at a big distance clear of the fence and praise your canine for calm, quiet habits. Over the years, together with your canine nonetheless on a leash, you’ll shorten the space between your canine and the fence, rewarding every step of the best way for calm habits. 

When you’ve labored together with your canine for lengthy sufficient at the leash, you’ll begin to paintings together with your doggy off-leash. That is the place the obedience basics are available in as a result of your canine will desire a dependable recall. 

You probably have a series hyperlink fence or a fence the place your canine can simply see into your neighbor’s backyard, it’s a good suggestion to construct a greater visible barrier. For plenty of canine, out of sight is in point of fact out of thoughts, and if they are able to now not see the neighbor’s canine, their hostility and nervousness might pass away. 

If construction a taller, extra cast fence isn’t an possibility, imagine planting a lawn of dog-friendly crops that may act as a visible buffer. 


From time to time one of the simplest ways to take on a topic is to speak immediately in your neighbors. Whilst they received’t be capable of utterly clear up your canine’s fence reactivity, you’ll assist them perceive the problem and create a course of action with them. 

It’s possible you’ll agenda a stroll or a playdate together with your neighbor’s canine to assist your canine develop into higher familiar. You’ll additionally be informed your neighbor’s agenda, so you’ll stagger when your canine are outdoor to forestall conceivable fence combating. 

Is Your Canine Suffering with Fence Aggression?

Canine fence combating is a not unusual battle for lots of canine oldsters, however there are methods that you’ll assist your canine really feel much less frightened and opposed towards your neighbor’s canine. 

With a greater working out of what’s triggering your canine’s reactivity and constant coaching periods, you’ll assist in making the yard a amusing, satisfied position on your doggy once more.

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