Doverwood Dog Park now open – Port Dover Maple Leaf

THE Doverwood Dog Park has opened at the large site of the former Doverwood Public School next to Kinsmen Park on Hamilton Plank Road. The park is owned by Norfolk County.

Ann L’Ecuyer Musselman coordinated the project to see the dog park become a reality. Along with a dedicated group of local dog lovers, they were determined to have a local dog park that is leash-free and fenced-in. Ms L’Ecuyer Musselman offers a special thanks to the committee members Trish Grummet, Tim Warris, and Willemina Zwart with special mention to those who participated at the start Erwin Ponepal and Bobbi Wagenaar and to Scott Cornfoot for helping with the website.

Norfolk County had plans for a Port Dover dog park that were many years in the future. The local group asked council to create a Port Dover dog park sooner. To do that, Norfolk County Council required the group to fundraise $12,000 by June 1st for the project to proceed this year.

Local dog lovers rallied and raised the money quickly. Construction at the park got underway in early August.

Ms L’Ecuyer Musselman is thankful to everyone who contributed and helped the park to open.

“There are so many different breeds attending it is quite interesting and exciting learning about each of them and their heritage,” she said, adding “it is heart-warming to meet so many beautiful four-legged family members who were rescued and given great homes!”

“As dog lovers, we have all been experiencing a wonderful time learning about one another’s canines where their breeds originated, their special qualities, their unique habits, and more, while supervising our dogs. There are so many stories of how they all found their forever homes – be it through breeders or rescue centres,” says Ms L’Ecuyer Musselman.

The group’s Facebook page notes many are not aware that dog parks are for socialization purposes. Dog owners should take their four-legged family members for a good long walk or run prior to entering the dog park. When dogs are high energized, problems can occur. Dog parks are a great opportunity for the dogs to meet other dogs.

“We ask that owners realize that the dog parks are for the dogs to socialize and the owners keep an eye on their dogs at all times and of course please pick up after them,” says the social media post.

“Doverwood Dog Park gives you and your canine peace-of-mind when they run and play amongst their doggie friends in a clean and friendly environment,” said Ms L’Ecuyer Musselman.

“Dog parks are an equivalent to children’s playgrounds – somewhere clean, safe, and friendly. There will be some times when, like children, the dogs will be aggressive, bully, and display inappropriate behaviours and we ask that you take your dog out of the park for a “time out” and then join in again,” she said.

Originally published August 31, 2022

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