Do Hamsters Desire a Wheel & What Roughly Wheels Are Protected

In case you’re new to holding hamsters, you may well be questioning in case your new puppy even wishes a wheel. The solution is sure; hamsters completely desire a wheel and will have to now not be housed with out one. They want to have consistent get entry to to a wheel of their cage.

It’s best to have the entire hamster provides in a position earlier than you undertake a hamster so your new puppy received’t be with out a wheel for any period of time. In case your hamster is already house however doesn’t have a wheel but, you will have to supply one once imaginable. Within the interim, let your hamster out in their cage for no less than an hour an afternoon so they are able to run round of their playpen or a secure hamster-proofed space supervised till you’ll be able to get a wheel for them.

Why Do Hamsters Desire a Wheel?

Hamsters spend huge quantities of time operating and foraging for meals within the wild, they usually shouldn’t be denied the method to run each time they would like of their cage. Working comes naturally to them, and they’d become bored and depressed with out an method to run. To not point out the well being toll inaction takes on them – because it does on people.

Listed below are one of the vital the explanation why a wheel is an crucial a part of your hamster’s house:

Prevents Boredom

Hamsters duvet a number of miles of distance each evening within the wild. It’s herbal for hamsters to run round so much, and it’s handiest moral to permit our pets to do the similar in captivity. With no wheel, your hamster wouldn’t have a lot to do within the cage however devour and sleep, which will get tedious with time.


Like several residing creatures, Hamsters want to transfer and be energetic to be wholesome and glad. Regardless of how large it may well be (and it will have to be as large as imaginable), an enriching cage can’t change the extent of job a wheel may give. A wheel is a a laugh strategy to satisfy their herbal need for operating.

Analysis has proven that wheels don’t seem to be handiest utilized by pets in captivity – even wild animals love to run on wheels. Which means that our pets revel in it, and it’s now not simply one thing they do because of a loss of higher issues to do.

Weight Control & Bodily Well being

Working is an ideal strategy to burn energy. With no wheel, hamsters would principally spend their time consuming and dozing, and it wouldn’t take lengthy to begin gaining extra weight.

Loss of job could cause many well being problems, akin to arthritis or bone and joint issues. By means of holding your hamster energetic, he’ll be capable to workout all his muscle mass and joints, which assists in keeping his frame wholesome.

Psychological Well being

Having a wheel is very important to your hamster’s psychological well being. Boredom and loss of workout will result in rigidity and nervousness to your puppy. Having a wheel to occupy themselves and feature one thing a laugh to make use of up their power is really useful for his or her psychological well being and is helping save you rigidity.

What Roughly Wheels Do Hamsters Want?

Types of hamster wheels to avoid

Hamsters desire a wheel, however is any wheel just right? Are you able to purchase the primary one you notice on the puppy retailer? In reality that now not all wheels are secure for hamsters.

Listed below are the issues to believe when purchasing a wheel.

Wheel Measurement

Many hamster cages include a integrated wheel which is some distance too small for even the smallest dwarf species. A wheel this is too small reasons your hamster to curl their again whilst operating, which may end up in accidents, again problems, and different long-term well being problems. 

The minimal wheel measurement will have to be:

  • 8″ in diameter (20cm) for dwarf species
  • 10″ in diameter (25 cm) for Chinese language hamsters – Since Chinese language hamsters are a little larger than dwarf species, it’s really helpful to make use of a relatively larger wheel.
  • 11’’ in diameter (28cm) for Syrian hamsters

Wheel Protection

Some varieties of wheels don’t seem to be secure for hamsters and will have to by no means be used:

  • Wheels with steel bars could cause damage on your hamster’s ft or different frame portions in the event that they get caught.
  • Mesh wheels also are to be have shyed away from for a similar explanation why.
  • Hamster balls are bad for more than one causes – They may be able to pinch or ruin ft, they make it laborious for the hamster to respire correctly because of loss of air flow, and the hamster can’t correctly see the place they’re going, which disorients and makes them nervous.

When purchasing a wheel to your hamster, go for one with a cast floor. It may be manufactured from plastic, wooden, or steel. Cast portions supply company footing, so there’s no chance of having their ft or ft trapped.

Unsafe hamster wheels
A wheel that isn’t secure for hamsters

Flying Saucer or Upright Wheels

Alien craft can from time to time be used right through the free-roam time in a playpen, however they don’t seem to be a just right exchange for normal upright wheels.

Alien craft reason hamsters to run at an unnatural attitude, in order that they shouldn’t be used as the principle wheel they are going to use each day. Working on a saucer day by day may just result in accidents and ache, so get an upright wheel to your hammy as an alternative of a flying saucer.


In case your hamster lives to your bed room, believe getting a silent wheel, or you may finally end up being woken up a number of instances an evening. Hamsters can also be beautiful energetic at evening and do maximum in their operating when you sleep, so the noise of the wheel is a very powerful facet to believe.

When purchasing a wheel, search for one categorised as silent.

Highest Hamster Wheel – Which Wheel Suits the Standards?

If there’s one wheel I will suggest, it’s the Niteangel Tremendous Silent Hamster Wheel.

Best hamster wheel
Niteangel Hamster Tremendous Silent Wheel – Amazon

It is available in 4 sizes, best for Syrians, Chinese language hamsters, and dwarfs:

  • 8.2″ in – Dwarf species
  • 10″ in – Dwarf species or Chinese language hamsters
  • 11″ in – Dwarf species or Chinese language hamsters
  • 12.82″ in – Syrians, dwarf, or Chinese language hamsters

What makes this a just right hamster wheel:

  • Because the identify suggests, it’s tremendous silent
  • Sufficiently big to your hamster
  • It has a cast floor
  • It’s sturdy and durable

Do Hamsters Desire a Wheel at Evening?

You may well be tempted to take away the wheel out of your hamster’s cage at evening in order that the noise of operating on a wheel doesn’t wake you up. Sadly, that isn’t an choice, as hamsters want get entry to to a wheel all day and evening. They generally tend to make use of their wheel essentially the most right through nightfall, morning time, and at evening.

In case your hamster is waking you up right through the evening, transfer to the usage of a silent wheel or transfer your hamster’s cage to another room. Don’t take away the wheel out of your hamster’s cage, as your puppy shall be unsatisfied now not having the ability to run when the urge moves.

When Is It OK to No longer Have a Wheel in a Cage?

The one state of affairs while you may wish to take away the wheel to your hamster’s cage is that if your hamster is injured or has swollen ft, and the vet mentioned they will have to leisure and heal. In those eventualities, you will have to search veterinary recommendation.

Why Do Hamsters Like Working on Wheels?

Whilst there’s no clinical clarification on why precisely hamsters love operating on wheels, we all know that now not handiest animals in captivity find it irresistible – wild animals do too.

The in all probability explanation why hamsters love operating on a wheel is that they only love operating! It’s herbal for them to run for miles and miles within the wild. A wheel is sort of a fitness center the place they are able to use their extra power. And in spite of everything, workout will increase the “really feel just right” chemical compounds within the mind.

What to Do if Your Hamster is Obsessively Working at the Wheel?

Obsessively operating on a wheel is an indication your hamster is wired and evolved an habit to operating on a wheel. This may occur when a hamster doesn’t have sufficient enrichment or stimulation of their cage. One more reason may well be worry in case your hamster’s cage is surrounded via predators akin to a cat or canine. Hamsters are prey animals, they usually really feel threatened when there’s a predator within sight.

To attenuate the strain to your hamster, do the next:

  • Stay your hamster’s cage clear of different pets, akin to a cat or a canine.
  • Supply sufficient enrichment to your hamster with more than a few toys and tunnels.
  • Scatter feed your hamster as an alternative of offering meals in a bowl to stay them occupied.
  • Have deep sufficient bedding so your hamster can construct burrows as they might within the wild.
  • Transfer to a larger cage.


To sum it up, sure, hamsters desire a wheel, and the wheel will have to keep of their cage 24/7. As an alternative of shopping for any wheel, you will have to be certain that it has a cast floor and is large sufficient to your hamster. All the time go for a normal upright wheel, and don’t use a flying saucer in its place. In case you’re anxious concerning the noise of the wheel, make a selection a number of the many silent wheels in the marketplace.

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