Do Bearded Dragons Want Water?

To stay your bearded dragon wholesome and satisfied and to steer a longevity, they should have get admission to to a handful of required pieces. A few of these prerequisites come with a nutritious vitamin, safe haven, warmth, mild, and others. However what about water? Do bearded dragons want water? Dr. Jess explains the solution beneath:

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Do Bearded Dragons Want Water?

Bearded dragons do want water for a couple of causes.

With out ok recent water provides, bearded dragons can fall sick or even die.

Let’s make extra sense out of this through explaining why bearded dragons want water to stick wholesome.

Why Do Bearded Dragons Want Water?

Bearded dragons should have get admission to to recent water to live on for a couple of causes.

Listed below are probably the most elementary and important the explanation why your bearded dragon wishes you to offer them water.

Explanation why #1: Staying Common

That’s proper! To ensure that the urinary gadget and the digestive gadget to transport and serve as correctly, your bearded dragon wish to have ok water ranges.

If those programs should not have sufficient water content material, the motion or float of substrates within those tracts slows and will purpose extraordinarily severe effects, even loss of life.

Explanation why #2: Hydration

Similar to all different animals, water is important for lifestyles.

Each form of cellular, each and every tissue, and each and every organ should have water with a purpose to serve as appropriately and to paintings in combination to make stronger a wholesome bearded dragon’s frame.

Your bearded dragon should have a specific amount of water on a daily basis to stick hydrated and make stronger all physically purposes.

How A lot Water Does Your Bearded Dragon Want?

Bearded dragons want between 10-30 mls (milliliters, also referred to as “cc’s” or cubic centimeters in scientific lingo) in step with kilogram of frame weight, in step with day.

Due to this fact, I love to inform puppy oldsters that on common, a bearded dragon wishes round 20 milliliters of unpolluted water in step with kilogram of frame weight in step with day. Smartly, how have you learnt how a lot your bearded dragon weighs?

When you beardie is younger or small – then you’ll weigh them the usage of a kitchen scale.

Tare or “0 out” your kitchen scale with a blank bowl at the scale, then moderately position your bearded dragon within the bowl to measure how a lot the lizard weighs, ensuring that the dragon does no longer fall or leap out.

In case your bearded dragon is an grownup, use the reference that an average-sized grownup bearded dragon weighs between 400 – 500 grams (so rather less to at least one/2, of 1 kilogram).

So as an example, when you’ve got a 500 gram grownup bearded dragon, your dragon must be eating round 10 milliliters of water on a daily basis ( 20 milliliters x 1/2 kilograms = 10 milliliters).

To head a step farther, 1 teaspoon of water is roughly 5 milliliters in quantity, so this similar bearded dragon would wish to devour round 2 teaspoons of water in step with day to stick hydrated (10 milliliters water wanted, divided through 5 milliliters for each and every 1 teaspoon, = 2 teaspoons water).

Explanation why #3: Circulate

Water makes up a big share of the blood within the frame.

A lower within the quantity of water within the frame and in subsequently, the blood, can decrease the blood force within the blood vessels.

Which means blood and the vitamins which might be carried at the side of the blood cells themselves, don’t get carried to important organs correctly.

Explanation why #4: Prevents Stones

Water can lend a hand give protection to in opposition to the accumulation of positive minerals that may purpose issues like stone formation for your bearded dragon.

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What Occurs If They Don’t Get Sufficient Water?

Bearded dragons can grow to be slightly unwell if they don’t have get admission to to recent and blank water assets.

If they don’t get this a lot wanted water, then they are able to grow to be dehydrated and far worse, akin to kidney illness, serious constipation, gout, behavioral problems, dysecdysis (peculiar dropping situation), and extra.

Indicators That A Bearded Dragon Is Dehydrated:

Listed below are a couple of indicators that your bearded dragon is also dehydrated and it can be time to touch your veterinarian:

  • Cheesy Mucous Membranes (gums): if you’ll safely view within your bearded dragon’s mouth and there are saliva strings, or their gums really feel dry or cheesy / sticky to touch, your beardie is also dehydrated
  • Pores and skin Tent Take a look at: When you very gently “tent” or pinch the outside alongside the bearded dragon, and the outside does no longer straight away (inside 1 2nd) snap again to standard (no pores and skin tent may also be noticed) as soon as the pinch is launched, then your dragon is also dehydrated.
  • Sunken Eyes: When you realize that your puppy’s eyes are sunken, or drawn again into the attention socket, greater than standard, then this can be some other signal that your bearded dragon is also dehydrated.
  • Behavioral Adjustments: In case your puppy is dehydrated, they probably will enjoy some behavioral adjustments. Those adjustments come with however don’t seem to be restricted to – greater lethargy, greater hiding, reduced socializing with people, reduced consuming/consuming, and so forth.
  • Lowered Bowel/Urate Actions: When there’s a lower in general frame water, the gastrointestinal tract (digestive tract) will decelerate as it wishes water to correctly propel, digest, and soak up meals and vitamins thru it. When the intestine slows, the choice of bowel/urate actions will lower.
  • Lowered Losing: When your bearded dragon’s frame isn’t functioning correctly because of loss of water, they don’t seem to be going to correctly shed, or they’ll proceed to shed, simply much less ceaselessly. In case your beardie is dropping much less incessantly, it can be an indication that they’ve an underlying hydration drawback.

Can Bearded Dragons Get Too A lot Water?

It’s extremely not going that your bearded dragon will willingly devour an excessive amount of water.

They’re naturally programed to be desert-dwellers – they prefer heat and dry stipulations.

If truth be told, many bearded dragons have a difficult time consuming only from a water bowl and wish different varieties of water get admission to with a purpose to get sufficient water of their our bodies regularly.

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How Do You Give Bearded Dragons Water?

There are a couple of ways in which a bearded dragon must be presented water.

Listed below are one of the crucial essential ways in which you must offer your puppy water.

Water Supply: Consuming Water

Similar to another puppy, you must all the time have recent, blank water on your bearded dragon to drink from.

It is not uncommon for beardie house owners to position a bowl of unpolluted water within the tank with their puppy.

Then again, some bearded dragons don’t love to drink water immediately from a consuming bowl.

Due to this fact, there are a couple of different secure alternatives that you’ll be offering on your bearded dragon on most sensible of constantly providing bowls of unpolluted water to them.

Different ways to provide your bearded dragon water is to show for your sink’s water in a comfortable flow, and preserving your bearded dragon just about the trickle, however no longer underneath or in it.

Some bearded dragons take enjoyment of sipping the water proper out of the faucet, whilst others love to stay their head underneath the “waterfall” and sipping whilst underneath the water.

Different dragons like to be presented water thru syringes, moderately ensuring to not pressure any water intake, providing water from the syringe tip one bead of water at a time.

Water Supply: Misting

Your bearded dragon will most probably love a good misting a few occasions every week. They are going to lap up the water droplets 9 occasions out of 10, to lend a hand with their hydration.

Gently mist your beardie with room-temperature water proper on their again (no longer hitting their face), in order that small droplets of water may also be noticed on their tough pores and skin.

Watch out to not past due the misting – over-misting can create an excessively wet surroundings, which may end up in well being issues as a result of those bearded dragons are wilderness animals, and don’t do smartly in very humid environments.

Water Supply: Bathing

Many bearded dragons love to wash.

Bathing happens when a bearded dragon is obtainable a container of water that allows them to submerge their our bodies underneath water.

More often than not, puppy oldsters position faucet water into the tub.

The bearded dragon will willingly cross into the tub for a time period.

Every now and then the beardie will take a drink of water all over the tub, different occasions they’ll no longer.

Both manner, permitting your beardie to wash, provides them yet another choice as to learn how to keep hydrated (and satisfied!).

Water Supply: Meals

A variety of the vegetable and fruit alternatives that you simply feed your bearded dragon include water.

That implies that each and every time they snack on recent produce, they’re eating a small quantity of water to stay them hydrated.

Simply ensure that they end result and veggies that they’re snacking on are alternatives which might be secure for them to devour!

What Form of Water Can Bearded Dragons Have?

Bearded dragons may have faucet water (Divers and Mader, 2015). Faucet water may also be presented for each consuming water, misting water, and bathing water.

In case your water is comfortable, take account of the volume of sodium in it – an excessive amount of sodium could cause an issue for your bearded dragon in case your dragon has a scientific situation by which their sodium consumption should be reduced.

Exhausting water can be utilized in maximum lizards, together with bearded dragons.


Bearded dragons want water day by day.

No longer best do they want a shallow bowl of consuming water – your beardie would possibly want extra water choices as a result of no longer all dragons love to get their water from a bowl.

Different ways to offer your puppy water come with misting, bathing, sink “waterfalls”, and mild syringing.

In case your bearded dragon does no longer get sufficient water, they are able to grow to be dehydrated, which may end up in many long-term scientific problems or even loss of life.

If you’ll’t get your bearded dragon to drink, otherwise you assume that your puppy is dehydrated, touch your veterinarian for extra lend a hand!

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