Canine’s First Pheasant Hunt | Weimaraner’s First Hunt

I took my 5-year-old weimaraner on his first pheasant hunt this autumn. He had by no means been looking prior to (neither had I) and he’s had minimum looking coaching.

But, he did in reality neatly and we had such a lot amusing!

Listed below are some guidelines from one amateur and her canine to every other. This can be a lengthy article, so be happy to skip forward to a piece that pursuits you.

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Weimaraner dog's first pheasant hunt

What canine is used for pheasant looking?

All the wearing breeds could make nice canines for pheasant looking. This contains all the pointing breeds, spaniels, setters and retrievers. Even poodles had been in the beginning bred for looking, imagine it or now not.

I individually have a weimaraner and a yellow Labrador. Each could make nice canines for pheasant looking, even though they paintings in very alternative ways.

The weim can duvet an enormous quantity of floor easily and is a pointing breed. Labs will stick nearer, flushing the birds.

How do you educate a pet to pheasant hunt?

I’ve a pointing breed, however this text is also useful for the ones of you with flushing and retrieving breeds as neatly.

Get started coaching your looking canine early!


Even if I didn’t get started coaching my pointing canine for looking till he was once 4 years previous, you must get started once you’ll be able to.

It’s by no means too past due to begin, despite the fact that, so long as the canine has some chook force and is short of to paintings. I’m happy I determined to present it a take a look at with my canine.

Remy is bred for looking and I don’t suppose there’s anything else that makes him happier than working unfastened in open house the use of his nostril.

For lend a hand coaching your pet or younger canine, I like to recommend you sign up for a looking canine membership for your house, particularly a NAVHDA bankruptcy (North American Versatle Looking Canine Affiliation). Discover a native NAVHDA crew right here.

Although you need to rise up tremendous early and force 2-3 hours to the educational match, it’s value it, in my view. You don’t have to wait each match, even simply 1 or 2 occasions can be useful to get you began.

Training my weimaraner with navhda
Me and Remy

It’s tough for most of the people to get right of entry to reside birds for coaching, in addition to get right of entry to to sufficient open terrain. Becoming a member of a coaching membership will care for that for you and also you simply display up along with your canine.

If there aren’t any coaching golf equipment for your house, then attempt to discover a native one-on-one teacher or mentor. Your canine’s breeder may be able to mean you can to find the proper teacher. And, some breeders be offering coaching themselves.

For instance, I were given a Lab pet not too long ago, and he’s going to spend a couple of week’s along with his breeder for his or her board and educate program.

Coaching your looking canine your self

You’ll be able to additionally educate your looking canine your self, after all, particularly you probably have get right of entry to to buying reside pigeons for coaching and feature a option to space them briefly.

For me, discovering birds for coaching was once just about unattainable, which is why NAVHDA’s coaching days had been so useful. Examine my NAVHDA enjoy right here.

There are unending books and YouTube movies to be had on educate your looking canine.

For pointing breeds, listed below are a few of my favourite coaching assets:

Rick Smith coaching my canine Remy at a seminar

Gun publicity in your looking canine

Don’t plan your canine’s first pheasant hunt till you might be sure how he feels about gunfire. The very last thing you need is for him to be terrified.

I like to recommend you’re employed with a certified teacher to introduce your canine to gunfire you probably have by no means presented a canine or pet to weapons prior to.

With our weimaraner, we slowly presented him to weapons a number of years in the past from a distance whilst he was once working and sniffing in an open box. We noticed that our canine was once under no circumstances fazed via the sound, so we slowly diminished the gap.

This labored out simply effective for Remy, who was once simplest thinking about working round sniffing. He may care much less in regards to the sound of gunfire. (He’s frightened of fireworks and thunder, alternatively. And is a large scaredy pants on the whole. Move determine.)

My weimaraner dog's first pheasant hunt
Josh and Remy

Chook publicity in your looking canine

It’s now not at all times imaginable to introduce your canine to pigeons or recreation birds, relying on the place you reside. For me, becoming a member of NAVHDA was once so useful as a result of that approach I had get right of entry to to pigeons for coaching functions.

You’ll be able to additionally acquire pheasant and grouse wings from to no less than introduce your canine to a wing and odor. This isn’t the similar as a reside chook, nevertheless it’s no less than one thing. I purchased a couple of, simply to have readily available to turn each my canines.

5 month old Lab puppy
My Lab pet Rip

When must a canine have its first hunt?

How previous must a canine be prior to looking?

I individually suppose it’s highest to convey your pet out for his first hunt as soon as he’s a couple of yr previous AND been correctly presented to gunfire.

You simply must have such low expectancies for a pet or younger canine. And, relying on his age, he is probably not conditioned for working a number of hours. So you may want to plan a shorter commute.

Additionally, younger canines are so immature and excitable, so your puppy may spend extra time consuming poop, chasing deer odor or bounding round aimlessly in the course of the grass. Don’t fear about it. Simply let him have amusing.

Some running shoes will say to attend till your canine has had a complete yr of coaching prior to you convey him alongside on a hunt. So via that point he could be nearer to two years previous. He’ll be (quite) extra mentally mature via then and also you’ll have much less chance of growing unhealthy behavior.

It’s in reality as much as you, however the principle factor is to have 0 expectancies in your canine’s first a number of hunts, without reference to age.

My canine’s first pheasant hunt

I used to be in reality worried about my canine’s first pheasant hunt. I used to be fearful my canine would simply take off, working round like a nutcase, now not paying any consideration to me. I used to be additionally fearful he would seize a chook and take off. (He didn’t do both of the ones issues.)

In our case, it in reality helped me to move looking with my Dad, who has numerous looking enjoy. My husband Josh got here alongside too.

My first pheasant hunt
Josh, me and my dad

We hunted at a native recreation farm the place they position birds out for you. That approach, you’re just about assured to peer some birds. That is useful whilst you’re seeking to educate your canine and simply acquire enjoy and make it amusing.

The sport farm we selected was once very useful and figuring out that this was once my canine’s first actual hunt ever. The landlord positioned a chicken a couple of yards out for us immediately, in order that my canine would be capable of to find it and perceive what he was once meant to do.

Smartly, my canine knew precisely what he was once meant to do and located that chook straight away!

I had him on his test wire so I may save you him from grabbing or chasing the chook. I held him again whilst I flushed it, my dad shot it after which I launched Remy to retrieve. He did an excellent activity!

Once we did that, all my anxiousness went away as a result of I noticed that my canine’s natural tendencies and elementary coaching had clicked and he knew what he was once meant to be doing.

Sure, he wishes some critical paintings on retaining his level, however I’m simply happy he’s nice at the use of his nostril.

Remy discovered about 6 birds

We spent the following 3.5 hours or so trying to find the pen-raised and wild pheasants all through more than a few fields and canopy. My dad and Josh had been doing the capturing and I used to be simply dealing with and coaching Remy.

I had him on his test wire for the primary 30 minutes or so whilst he burned off his preliminary power. I didn’t need him to fee the birds he discovered.

After, that, I got rid of the test wire however saved him on his Garmin e-collar.

Dog's first pheasant hunt
Remy and my dad

Remy did a pleasant activity operating with regards to us. He appeared to have some figuring out that we had been operating as a workforce and it wasn’t all about him.

I didn’t want to use the collar a lot to name him again. It additionally has a GPS on it for protection. He did run into some heavy cattails for awhile and we couldn’t see him so the GPS gave me some peace of thoughts.

Learn my evaluation of the Garmin Alpha right here.

Remy ended up discovering about 5 – 6 extra birds all through the day. A couple of were given clear of us, however we ended up with two hens and two roosters total, so we took that as a win.

We walked 4 miles, in step with my GPS watch and Remy ran 8 miles in step with his Garmin. It was once now not a sizzling day, which helped my canine (and us). I carried water for him and he had no problems with overheating. He’s in very best situation.

Canine for monitoring wounded recreation

I used to be particularly pleased with my canine when some of the hens took off working after she was once shot. She headed for some very thick duvet and there was once completely no approach lets’ve discovered her with out our canine.

Remy was once in reality suffering to seek out her as neatly. We looked for moderately awhile and looked like we had been by no means going to seek out her.

Simply as we had been able to surrender and began to stroll away, Remy discovered her and stuck her! This was once the most productive a part of the day for me as a result of no person needs to waste a chook or go away a wounded chook at the back of to undergo.

This bolstered what I already knew however had by no means skilled. A canine is an overly treasured software for looking. There’s no approach we might’ve discovered as many birds with out our canine. And, we by no means would’ve discovered that wounded chook with out Remy. Just right boy.

Your canine’s first pheasant hunt

In my very restricted enjoy, listed below are my ideas in your canine’s first pheasant hunt, without reference to breed. Take this for what it’s value as I’m no knowledgeable.

1. Have a plan.

Your plan may have to modify, however no less than have reasonably of a “recreation plan” in thoughts previously and be in contact that with everybody you’re with.

For instance, I knew I didn’t need to raise a gun so I may center of attention on my canine. I additionally knew I sought after to stay him on his test wire to start with so I may dangle him on level. After that, I sought after to check out to only let him run and do his factor. Our plan ended up figuring out completely.

My canine and I each won numerous self assurance that day and now I do know what we want to paintings on (retaining his level & cleaner retrieves).

Me and Remy on my dog's first pheasant hunt
Remy and me!

2. Low expectancies and feature amusing!

I had anxiousness about how my canine’s first pheasant hunt would cross. Everybody needs their canine to do neatly.

However … consider, your canine is doing his highest and the principle factor is you might be spending time along with your canine, friends and family.

Those are reminiscences you are going to have ceaselessly and can glance again on in the future and sweetness why you even cared in case your canine listened completely or what number of birds you discovered.

I’m so grateful for my canine and as a result of him I were given to spend the day looking with my dad, one thing we wouldn’t have deliberate if I didn’t have Remy. I’m certain we’ll cross looking once more, however the first hunt will at all times be particular.

3. Move to a maintain or recreation farm.

This isn’t a demand, however I discovered this so useful for the reason that farm launched a number of birds for us, nearly ensuring we might to find a number of. (It’s nonetheless now not simple!)

This was once a good way to spice up my canine’s self assurance and feature a number of alternatives to construct on his coaching. I wish to return to the sport farm a number of instances prior to we hunt on public land.

My first pheasant hunt with my dog and my dad
Me with Remy and my dad

4. Move with any individual who is aware of what they’re doing.

It was once useful to move looking with my dad and my husband. Each are very ok with weapons and my dad has been looking all his existence. That approach, they had been in a position to concentrate on capturing whilst I simply walked and treated my canine.

My dad was once additionally in a position to scrub the pheasants for us afterwards and prepare dinner us an important pheasant dinner! Additionally a win.

Doable issues for your canine’s first pheasant hunt

1. The canine doesn’t perceive what to do.

My weimaraner turns out to have numerous natural tendencies and massive force for locating birds. His folks and grandparents had been all box canines, so its in his genes. The minimum coaching we did thru NAVHDA and attending a Rick Smith seminar helped convey out those natural tendencies.

In case your canine doesn’t appear to know he’s meant to be in search of birds, that’s OK. He may suppose you’re simply out for a amusing hike, so cross with it and benefit from the day along with your canine.

Confidently, he’ll naturally catch odor of a few birds or by accident flush some up. This is the reason a recreation farm is so useful as a result of there’s in most cases extra birds to “bump into.”

2. The canine runs approach too a long way forward.

I do know that my canine will have a large vary and large convenience zone, so I saved him on his 30-ft test wire to stop him from charging/flushing up birds waaay too a long way forward folks. (A wide range is excellent in case your pointing canine has a cast, secure level. Mine does now not!)

No less than one teacher instructed me to only let my canine run a wide range, and if he pressures the birds too a long way from us, the birds gets away. This may increasingly train my canine that he must paintings nearer to us, as a workforce, if he needs to get any birds.

I want the test wire method with my explicit canine. That approach, as soon as he discovered a chook, I may simply dangle him on level, flush the chook myself after which liberate him for the retrieve. This allowed us, as newcomers, to get numerous elementary enjoy.

3. The canine is overheating.

Hunt within the morning vs. afternoon, if you’ll be able to. Attempt to cross on a groovy, cloudy day. Have no less than 2 gallons of water in your canine on the truck and a option to raise water in your canine when you’re looking, as neatly.

I carried a small water bottle and a small collapsible bowl for my canine in my vest wallet.

These kinds of canines is not going to prevent on their very own, until they’re about able to cave in. So, you need to be an recommend in your canine and make him take breaks, as wanted.

4. He runs off with the chook.

If this occurs, you simply have to move with it and plan to paintings on it someday. No longer a lot you’ll be able to do within the second. Put your canine on a test wire to stop him from working off, for now. Reward him when he does after all drop the chook.

5. Your pointing canine doesn’t level.

My canine no doubt doesn’t dangle his level, so I’m with you. Maximum younger canines or starting canines will attempt to fee or creep up at the birds. That’s why I selected to move with the test wire to start with.

Growing stability takes quite a lot of repetition and a cast coaching plan over a few seasons. It’s now not going to be herbal for many canines.

6. The canine is frightened of gunfire.

I’m no knowledgeable right here, but when your canine is frightened of the weapons, I might more than likely prevent capturing for the day and simply stroll the fields and let him run round. No longer best, I do know. Then, get a hold of a coaching plan for the long run or paintings with a certified.

If he’s simplest quite worried and also you suppose he’ll be OK, you want to take a look at letting him run for a 20-mins or so after which shoot whilst he’s having amusing and distracted via odor.

For those who’re at a recreation farm and they’re going to liberate a chook proper in entrance of your canine when you shoot, that might be best. That approach, he’ll be eager about chasing the chook vs. the sound of the gun.

Essential instructions to show your looking canine

My canine isn’t an overly obedient canine, I’ll be truthful. However for looking functions, crucial instructions to paintings on with him are:

  • Come! (with and with out e-collar)
  • Fetch!
  • Hunt’m Up! (In finding It)

Heel and keep also are essential however my canine does now not heel when he’s amped up and I step on his test wire after I in reality want him to stick put.

Instructing “woah” (prevent and dangle level) could also be clearly necessary for pointing canines and one thing we want to paintings on. However it’s now not vital for the ones first few hunts.

Garmin Alpha 100 dog gps collar and e-collar
Garmin Alpha 100

Different provides to believe:

What helped me essentially the most on my canine’s first pheasant hunt:

Rick Smith Intro seminar, operating on heeling

Subsequent steps for my looking canine

My weimaraner and I are nonetheless newcomers and I don’t be expecting him to ever be a “completed” chook canine. And that’s OK. We were given a past due get started, and we’re simply in the market to have amusing.

Nonetheless, I do need to check out to make stronger on our abilities, so here’s what I plan to paintings on slowly however without a doubt:

1. Introduce “woah” and getting him to carry his level. I do know this simply comes with repetition. So, I will simplest be expecting such a lot once we simplest get in the market a couple of instances a yr.

2. Support on recall and transferring with me with and with out the e-collar.

3. Beef up a more in-depth vary. He did neatly with this.

4. Cleaner retrieves. I used to be happy he didn’t run off with the chook, however I normally needed to stroll over and get the chook from him.

5. Support my convenience degree with weapons. I want to get out to the variability continuously and apply capturing with out my canine round and simply construct on my abilities and luxury degree.

Do you may have a looking canine? Within the feedback, let me know what guidelines you may have for a canine’s first pheasant hunt!

-Lindsay & Remy

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