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Hamsters are via some distance one of the vital widespread pocket pets. They’re relatively lively and will make nice pets so long as you understand how to correctly maintain them and all in their wishes, together with what they devour. Hamsters can also be fed commercially-made diets, in addition to positive recent vegetables and fruit. Who can withstand feeding those adorable little pals some candy treats like crisp, juicy apples. However now not all meals are secure for hamsters! Can hamsters devour apples?

Dr. Jess explains the solution underneath:

Hamsters could have apples as a snack – however please learn on as to 1. how a lot, 2. how steadily, and three. the best way to get ready, apples prior to serving them in your hamster!

Hamsters are omnivores, consuming each plant subject matter and animal fabrics. 

In captivity, hamsters most often have a vitamin that is composed of things reminiscent of hamster pellets, hay, grains and nuts, and vegetables and fruit, to call a couple of meals. 

It doesn’t matter what you and your veterinarian come to a decision is the most efficient vitamin to your hamster, make certain that it’s balanced to your hamsters way of life.

What Do Hamsters Most often Devour?

Those little pals devour an collection of items to stay them wholesome and glad.

  • High quality hamster meals and Timothy hay must be the primary staples in their vitamin.
  • As much as about 10% in their vitamin can also be made up of an collection of greens and end result, with vegetables and fruit over 12-24 hours outdated being discarded once imaginable.
  • Hamsters do perfect with diets low in fat and sugars. [source]
  • Blank, recent, filtered water. ‘Recent water‘ method this is is modified day by day. ‘Modified day by day‘ implies that new water is positioned right into a CLEAN water dispenser!
  • Seeds and protein (within the type of hamster-safe bugs and cooked hamster-safe meats) will also be given to hamsters in secure parts made up our minds via your veterinarian
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Let’s Communicate Apples…

Apples are a commonplace form of fruit right here within the U.S.

Apples are a rounded fruit with a inexperienced or pink external pores and skin that may be thick or refined, relying on selection, and a crisp fruit heart this is juicy and watery

This fruit are available many various sorts, sizes, flavors, and subsequently has been utilized in cooked for lots of other makes use of.  Apples come from apple timber and feature an interior core with apple seeds on the very heart of its fruit.

Apple Diet:

Similar to with every other fruit, apples have their dietary worth…. in addition to some issues to be weary of! Listed below are one of the vital highlights of an apples dietary profile [source]:

Nutrition C:

Nutrition C is very important in your hamster in staying glad and wholesome and an apple has a wholesome quantity of this diet.

Sugar Content material:

Apples have a good sugar and carbohydrate content material as smartly.

One thing to have in mind on and to remember when feeding to hamsters who can come down with digestive disappointed with greater quantities of sugar!

Water Quantity:

An apple additionally incorporates a prime share of water, which is excellent when taking a look to handle hydration. However an excessive amount of water can also be difficult!


Apples comprise a prime share fiber too!

Apples supply fiber which is helping in constipation and improves intestine motility. It’s also why you’re feeling complete after consuming an apple – that greater fiber is helping stay you feeling complete for longer, or “satiated”.

An excessive amount of fiber alternatively, can result in an excessive amount of intestine motility… and that’s now not a excellent factor both!

Different Nutrients & Minerals:

It must be famous that apples comprise different nutrients and minerals, reminiscent of potassium, this is wanted for wholesome frame serve as.

Can Hamsters Devour Apples?

Neatly, you’ll feed your hamster apples…. carefully.

That’s proper, feeding a small quantity of apple as a deal with in your hamster once in a while is completely high-quality and they’re going to most likely LOVE you for it!

Moderation = Roughly a teaspoon-sized quantity of apple is sufficient apple for one hamster.

When you’ve got a smaller hamster or a dwarf selection, minimize the teaspoon on part and simply give your smaller hamster not more than 1/2 teaspoon value of seedless apple every week as a deal with.

In case your puppy does now not devour all in their vegetables and fruit inside of 12-24 hours, then you wish to have to cast off it for them.

They’re going to most likely now not devour it, and it’s going to most effective sit down of their cage and get outdated and ultimately grow to be unsafe to devour.

The remainder of their vitamin, the opposite 90 or so p.c, must be made up of hamster meals and hay.

You must feed this quantity not more than as soon as every week and no two days in a row.

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How About Apple Seeds?

After which there are the seeds, a possible choking danger in and of itself. Don’t feed apple seeds in your hamster.

The seeds of an apple are slippery, laborious, and slimy.

They’re additionally the easiest dimension to get lodged in a hamster’s throat and make them choke.

All the time take away any apple seeds previous to feeding the apple in your hamster.

Do NOT feed your puppy apple seeds.


  • 1 recent, store-bought apple


  • kitchen fruit/vegetable knife
  • slicing board


  1. It is very important have a visible inspection achieved to just remember to are giving your hamster a ripe, wholesome apple to devour.
  2. Subsequent, it is very important take away the surface/peel, the core, and any seeds. Then minimize, slice, chop, or cube up the apple in order that your hamster can safely devour it, in bite-sized items.
  3. Be offering your hamster one small piece of apple and practice for no less than 24 hours for hostile indicators. If no hostile indicators stand up, you’ll proceed to present your hamster apple carefully and consistent with your veterinarian’s advice.


Watch your puppy for choking and hostile reactions when feeding your puppy a brand new meals. Touch your veterinarian prior to converting or editing your puppy’s vitamin.

Are Apples Damaging to Hamsters?

Sure, it may be.

Understand that an excessive amount of apple fed to those little pals can provide them unwanted side effects like an disappointed abdomen, gasoline, bloating, and diarrhea.

This can result in a large number of issues together with such things as dehydration and electrolyte imbalances that would impart a travel to the veterinary sanatorium to your pocket puppy vet to mend.

Can Hamsters Devour Apple Peel?

Some other factor is the peel…….

Apple peel can also be served in your hamster. 

The thick peel must be minimize away or served in very small items and small quantities to the puppy or it might probably grow to be a subject matter for them.

Those servings of apple peel must be achieved carefully, because the apple pores and skin incorporates fiber which, if an excessive amount of is ingested at one time, could cause diarrhea as smartly.

What About Apple Juice?

You must now not be offering your hamster apple juice.  It is because apple juice has a prime sugar content material, which isn’t going to be excellent to your puppy. 

HIgh sugar content material could cause diarrhea, weight problems, and so on., growing extra issues than excellent.  No apple juice to your hamster please!

In finding Out If Hamsters Can Devour…

Wrap up:

So weigh the professionals and cons of feeding apple in your hamster prior to tossing them a candy and juicy snack, and if you happen to do come to a decision to present them a deal with, keep in mind, it’s secure carefully. When you’ve got any questions as to what to feed your hamster, touch your native veterinarian, we’re all the time glad to lend a hand!

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