Breeding Discus Fish – The Necessities of Discus Breeding Results

After you have properly retained a discus aquarium for a even though, you may well discover your self turning your focus to the strategy of breeding discus fish. For some persons, the discus fish has a status as being difficult to breed, but it can truly be really quick once you have figured out how to continue to keep the water excellent at optimal amounts in the aquarium. Failure do fork out interest to this have to have is the cause of most breeding failures.

The to start with critical to breeding discus fish is to obtain a appropriate pair. Considering that discus are hard to sexual intercourse, putting at the very least 6 specimens jointly when they are youthful is the finest way to guarantee at minimum just one few pairs off. Also, test to mix discus fish from various sources so that some variety is kept in the genetic pool.

When a pair of discus have decided to mate, they will grow to be territorial and intense toward other fish. When you notice this, it is really time to possibly take out all the other fish or transfer the discus to a individual breeding aquarium. A little 20-30 gallon tank with a vertical spawning floor and a few hiding spots will suffice when breeding discus fish.

As stated earlier, water conditions are specially critical when in the course of the breeding period of time. The nitrogen squander concentrations will have to be retained as near to zero as possible. You should really do a partial water transform every day in the breeding aquarium. Make positive you exam the drinking water each time and hold an eye on the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate degrees. The proposed water temperature is 86 levels F.

Balanced diet, and producing absolutely sure your fish are essentially taking in is also crucial to the achievements of breeding discus fish. Feeding is also right linked to drinking water quality, as inadequate h2o top quality can bring about bad appetites. If you opt for to feed reside food stuff, make absolutely sure that you are not introducing sickness and that your fish are getting all the vital nutritional vitamins.

So, as you can see, h2o and to a lesser extent foods are the two crucial factors for breeding discus fish properly. Distinct advise from an seasoned breeder is also recommended if you have by no means breed discus fish right before, since you will be ready to discover from their useful practical experience. Have fun and very good luck with your breeding!

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