Breeding Discus – 3 Approaches to Motivate Spawning

So you have a mature pair of discus fish that have demonstrated an interest in just about every other but there not laying any eggs.

The most vital component in discus breeding in the water high-quality, make sure it is gentle, acidic and thoroughly clean. If you have this h2o, your most probably stressing more than why there is not hundreds of eggs in the tank. If you have discus all set to lay eggs there are a handful of techniques in which you can give them a assisting hand.

The 1st way you can tempt them to lay is to feed a loaded diet plan of frozen bloodworms for about a week. Feed it day to day as very well as their other food. This need to situation the feminine and get her all set to breed. Other food items that are excellent for breeding discus are white worm, adult brine shrimp and chopped up crab sticks or prawns. Make certain you acquire frozen meals as there is a lot less opportunity of condition.

Yet another way to motivate your discus to breed is by carrying out a 25% drinking water transform but drop the temperature by a few of degrees of the drinking water likely in. This imitates there natural habitat and can cause spawning. This is a very little trick I use on all my youthful pairs when hoping to get them to spawn. Make absolutely sure all the pH and hardness is the exact producing only the temperature diverse.

The third trick in getting your discus to breed is by separating them for a pair of days before reintroducing them. To do this you can include a tank divider or transfer the male to a further aquarium. Make confident the woman receives plenty to try to eat when the male is away. When you reintroduce the discus just keep a close view about the up coming 24 hours as males have recognised to be aggressive toward the woman. They really should start the courtship around the future few of times and with any luck , lay eggs soon after.

There are a lot more ways to inspire your discus to breed as very well as lots of far more guidelines on breeding and caring for discus fish on my internet site