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We’ve already helped you mop and vacuum the flooring, however what about the remainder of the home?

Mud in point of fact does are living in every single place, and the similar is going for crumbs that slip into tight areas and lumps of puppy hair that quilt no longer best surfaces however some that builds up in your hairy pal.

That’s why Dyson is right here to scrub up, once more, with 3 new inventions. For only $70, get bundled financial savings that come with the 3 new attachments on your Dyson vacuum — the Puppy Groom Device, the Scratch-free Dusting Brush for era and Awkward Hole Device for the ones hard-to-reach spots in the house.

Each and every new instrument is suitable along with your Dyson cordless vacuum, making a complete of 12 attachments within the assortment. They’ll be offered as a part of toolkit applications, with the three-piece Puppy Grooming Equipment ($70) and the Element Cleansing Equipment ($70) to be had to buy now.

Excited by listening to extra? Learn on for an in-depth have a look at all 3, after which you’ll want to store all of them the use of the large purple buttons.


Blank up after your puppy, ahead of they even shed. This grooming instrument takes the groomer out of the equation, gently brushing your puppy’s fur and concurrently sucking the unfastened hair and dander up into the vacuum.

“Dyson engineers and microbiologists studied a lot of animals, together with conventional pets like canine and cats,” reads the clicking launch. “In doing so that they evolved the Puppy Groom Device, engineered to take away your canine’s unfastened hairs, puppy dander and microscopic pores and skin flakes right away.”

The instrument is offered as a part of the Puppy Grooming Equipment, that still comes with extension hose and quick-release adapter.

A vacuum brush on a laptop keyboard

Don’t scratch your display screen whilst making an attempt to take away smudges. As an alternative, use the Scratch-free Dusting Brush attachment in your computer’s keyboard to suck up crumbs and even in your TV display screen to take away undesirable mud and fingerprints.

“Whilst conventional dusting equipment would possibly use coarse bristles to agitate dust which will inadvertently scratch surfaces, Dyson’s new Scratch-free Dusting Brush a subject matter impressed by way of effective paint and make-up brushes,” reads the clicking launch. “The comb additionally possesses a rotating cuff to take away mud and particles from the bristles hygienically and simply.”

This instrument is likely one of the two new attachments that make up the Element Cleansing Equipment, now on sale. It additionally comprises the Awkward Hole instrument indexed underneath in addition to the extension hose.

A vacuum going around a tight corner

Neatly, this could be awkward on your mud bunnies. Ship them packing with the brand new Awkward Hole instrument, with a nozzle that may twist 22 levels in both course to get below the sofa, between the cushions within the automotive or even underneath the oven and dishwasher the place issues can get difficult.

“With a width of simply 12.5mm and 254mm attain, it’s engineered to achieve and clear deep into slim gaps,” reads the clicking launch.

This attachment is incorporated within the new Element Cleansing Equipment, at the side of the above Scratch-free Dusting Brush and the extension hose.

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