800 Cheetahs Are on the Prowl in Kenya

Cheetahs, along with the African lion and leopards, are some of the “Major Cats” that stay in Kenya. Their trademark features are their noticed light-weight brown coat and black tearline that operates down either aspect of the face.

Any individual who has at any time viewed one particular will normally say they seem very sad, an expression that comes from the appearance of black tears operating from the inside corner of just about every eye. There is certainly no have to have to fear although, they are not tears but a unique antiglare mechanism that aids these animals continue to keep their eyes firmly on the prey in the shimmering savannah warmth.


The Ferrari of the animal globe the cheetahs are the world’s fastest animals, modern with wonderful traction control. It can arrive at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour in excess of limited distances owing to its extensive trim muscular legs, a little head, deep upper body, adaptable tail and a extensive tail.

Lightening Bolt

These Kenya animals been given some welcome global publicity lately when Usain Bolt, the world’s swiftest person, adopted a cub and named him “Lightening Bolt.”

The winner sprinter from Jamaica was on a 4 working day vacation to Kenya to support a German charity the Zeitz Basis launch a new conservation initiative when he achieved a three thirty day period old cub and named him after himself. It is unbelievable that a single day it will operate quicker than he can.


Cheetahs are solitary animals they prefer to be by itself instead than expending time with other folks with the only exception staying when a mom is bringing up her cubs. They are what each mother must be, client and protective.

They spend about a calendar year educating their cubs the craft of hunting, even receiving the cubs to observe stalking and chasing live prey. The mom then spends a further year and a 50 % with the cubs ahead of they depart to encounter the wild world on their own. The males, reside in little groups of two or three, ordinarily with their littermates.

What do Cheetahs Take in?

Compared with most of its relatives in the cat relatives, these cats hunt early in the morning or evening, finding as shut as achievable to the focus on prey right before breaking into a chase. When they have knocked their prey to the floor, they suffocate it with a bite to the neck. It is really all quite brief, and if they are fortunate enough to go unseen they will drag their catch to a shady hiding location.

Feeding on also has to be finished pretty swiftly as other predators these types of as the African lion, hyenas and vultures are quickly on the scene and really don’t give up. This cat is timid and is not going to argue with bullies, it would relatively wander absent and leave them to the food.

So, on the menu are mouth-watering dishes these as impalas, gazelles, warthogs, hares, jackals and also birds. Cheetahs only need to have to consume every single three to four times so h2o isn’t going to exactly top the listing of priorities.


The food items prerequisites dictate exactly where you can ordinarily uncover these cats. Their favourite habitat is the vast open up and partially open up Savannah.

In addition, they require some include these as long grass, bush and shrubs in buy to adequately stalk their victims before pouncing. Some of the best areas in Kenya with this type of terrain are the Masai Mara National Reserve and Amboseli Countrywide Park.

The movie set wilderness of the Masai Mara is a enormous expanse of land, achieving to the border with Tanzania and addresses 320 square km. The park’s ecosystem draws in a excellent number of animals with these cats being lured by the park’s open grasslands.

Amboseli National Park is much smaller sized but has some attractive views, specifically of Africa’s highest mountain, the Kilimanjaro. What is of far more fascination to cheetahs although is the dry river mattress of Lake Amboseli on the western aspect of the park. Despite the fact that it in some cases floods throughout the wet season, most of the time, it offers heaps of open up ground ideal for the chase.

If you’re only in Nairobi for a brief time and can not get to the parks, the Nairobi Safari Wander is a fantastic position to see just one of these cats in quasi-wild conditions. Just stroll together the lifted boardwalk, by the savannah and continue to keep your eyes peeled.

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