5 Outstanding Meat Rabbit Breeds to Start Your Rabbitry

There are a lot more than 45 breeds of rabbits in the earth, but only about 17 have a “industrial” (massive, chubby, meaty) overall body style which are preferable for meat production. Features which make some meat rabbit breeds much better than others are a better meat-to-bone ratio, speedy development, fur colour and relieve of care.

  1. Californian Grownup Sizing: Medium (7-10 pounds/ 3.5-4.75 kilograms) Californian rabbits have been designed in the United states of america in the 1920’s to give good meat and fur production. Californians are a cross of Himalayan, Normal Chinchilla and New Zealand white rabbits and are now the next most well-known meat making rabbits in the earth. The physique is plump but high-quality-boned. Californian rabbits glance incredibly related to the Himalayan rabbit with a predominantly white system and black on the ft, nose, ears and tail. Their normal litter dimension is 6-8 bunnies.
  2. New Zealand Adult Size: Significant (8-12 lbs ./ 3.6-5.4 kilograms) Even with the name, New Zealand rabbits were to start with bred in America in 1916 for meat and fur production and are at the moment the selection one particular meat rabbit in the United States. They appear in quite a few diverse colours (black, pink and white) but the white rabbits are the most well-liked for meat generation simply because of their large, broad, and muscular bodies. When mature, bucks weigh from 8-10 lbs and females from 9-12 lbs. New Zealand rabbits are ready to slaughter as fryers soon after just 2 months. Their ordinary litter sizing is 8-10 bunnies.
  3. Florida White Adult Size: Smaller (4-6 lbs/ 1.8-2.7 kilograms) Whilst this rabbit is pretty modest, it was bred in Florida in the 1960’s as a meat rabbit which would also be functional for laboratory use. The fur is white with superior density and texture, and they have a compact, meaty human body, quick neck, and modest head.
  4. Palomino Adult Size: Huge (8-11 pounds/ 3.6-5 kilograms) Palomino rabbits have a smaller sized bone construction than other meat rabbits which offers you a higher meat ratio. But they consider a bit for a longer time to mature. Bucks are 8-10 pounds and does usually variety from 9-11 lbs .. Litter dimension is typically 8 kits but can assortment from 6 to 12. Palominos come in two hues: Golden & Lynx. The Golden has an orange/brown golden colour (as the title implies) and the Lynx has a little bit more gray or silver tone in the fur. They have a pretty docile and welcoming temperament.
  5. Beveren Adult Sizing: Medium (8-11 kilos/ 3.6-5 kilograms) The Beveren is 1 of the oldest and greatest breeds of fur rabbits, originating in Belgium. Their coats can be blue, white, black, brown and lilac. They are a unusual breed but nicely tempered, clear, and wise. The fur is rather extensive (about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches), dense and glossy. The breed is hardy and nicely suited for meat output for the reason that of significant litter sizing, the youthful grow rather fast, and the does are normally docile and make very good mothers.

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